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Can science prove spirituality?

Can science prove spirituality?

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By Mohammad Shazaib on Sep 05, 2020

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Does describing the supposed spiritual phenomena count as 'proving' it?

by Subash Chapagain on Sep 06, 2020

Mohammad Shazaib 25 days ago

Your argument is very logical, yes, we cannot think of science as a tool to prove and disprove anything. Science does help us to pose question on the meaning of things. This topic is also one of the most debated topics among modern scientists and many philosophers. Spirituality is always regarded as a side effect of religious experiments, many dogmatic scholars argue that it is directly linked with God, we cannot explain this phenomenon. On the other hand , modern science discusses it as a subjective idea. which can be examined and controlled....

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Povilas S a month ago

Sorry, I don't quite understand what exactly the session is about. Is is about science justifying (so to speak) spirituality in contrast to what's now an apparent opposition between the two (science being mechanistic and materialistic and basically rejecting phenomena that could be called spiritual) or is it more about that science doesn't need spirituality to bring good for humanity? Or is it both or something even else?:)...

Mohammad Shazaib 25 days ago

This is about the contradictory debate between science and spiritual phenomena. Whether scientific reasoning is able to prove the logic behind spirituality....