Facebook PixelHow can people contribute to humanity's quest for biological immortality?
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How can people contribute to humanity's quest for biological immortality?

How can people contribute to humanity's quest for biological immortality?

By Darko Savic on Sep 03, 2020

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Educate themselves and others

by Shubhankar Kulkarni on Sep 03, 2020

Help research

by Shubhankar Kulkarni on Sep 03, 2020

Help young generations understand the urgency to work on this problem before their energy runs out

by Darko Savic on Sep 24, 2020

Longevity research should get more media attention

by Darko Savic on Sep 30, 2020

Petition to get the World Economic Forum to recognize aging as a threat to humanity

by Dragan Otasevic on Sep 30, 2020

Darko Savic 2 months ago
I just signed. Thanks for making me aware of this

Get your favorite content creator to feature some work on longevity

by Darko Savic on Oct 02, 2020

The will and the way

by Darko Savic on Oct 17, 2020

Shouldn't we question whether immortality is something we ought to desire?

by Ann Miura-Ko on Oct 18, 2020

Ann Miura-Ko a month ago
I don't think it does... all these videos say is that we shouldn't think about the results of increased population. Just that death and aging is bad - which I'm not arguing. I'm just saying that in the same way many people are saying social networks (which have produced some really positive outcomes) have been now shown to have created a lot of unintended consequences, this is one in which we should also consider unintended consequences...
Darko Savic a month ago
Ann Miura-Kofor the time being, we seem to be growing out of control and this is taking a toll on our finite environment. At the same time, life seems to be extremely rare in the universe. Consciousness even more so.

Humanity is gearing up for space exploration (SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc) with plans to colonize Mars and establish self-sufficient habitats in space. While our planet might not be able to handle us if our population keeps on growing at this pace, there is a shortage of us in space. The likes of Jeff Bezos envision us directing our growth aspirations into space while keeping the earth as an eco-park.

We evolve and learn. What we are doing wrong at the moment we will try to fix in the future. If the fix is that we should die, we are obviously not dying fast enough for it to solve the problems we are creating on earth. So instead, let's not die but rather step up our efforts to clean our mess๐Ÿ™‚

Humanity has had some amazing people in the past. If their streak of creativity and inventions weren't cut off by death, where could we be today? If we weren't mortal, Tesla himself could have continued developing tech for the past 100 years. In his time humanity was not aware of the problems we were creating in the environment. He might have had a solution or two for us by now.

Our progress suffers because we have a hardware expiration date built into us. New people have to get up to speed and briefly try to build upon the previous generation's knowledge while simultaneously wilting away. Surely we can do better than that...

It will take us a while before we can fix our hardware. We can use this time to gradually adapt to such a reality. Surely this would change our ways. Multiplying out of control into a finite environment would bring suffering before something goes wrong catastrophically. I think we are creative enough to prevent humanity from going down that route๐Ÿ™‚
Darko Savic a month ago
Hi Ann Miura-Ko ๐Ÿ™‚

Do these two videos address your concerns?

Here is a session where we focus specifically on whether we should pursue extreme lifespan extension: https://brainstorming.com/r/s47

Even if we can, should we?

by Luis Almeida on Nov 22, 2020

Darko Savic 8 days ago
Would you rather prepare for immortality or die?:) Joke aside, those are valid and often expressed concerns. We even have a session about them here https://brainstorming.com/r/s47

Aubrey de Grey addresses most of them in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3fUJbkF6h0

Reason from fightaging addresses these (and other) concerns in a series of blog posts dedicated to each. Find the "Objections Answered" section on the sidebar.
Overpopulation - https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2006/09/overpopulation/
Retirement - https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2004/06/the-transformation-of-retirement/
Being old for longer - https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2013/08/fear-of-an-extended-old-age-of-frailty-and-decrepitude/

Yes, we are far from reaching the goal. The only way it will get closer if we take more steps towards it.

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Darko Savic 8 days ago
One of the reasons we have a difficult time unifying against a shared enemy is the fact that our enemy is too abstract (climate change, aging, viruses, disinformation) to make it a "bad guy" worthy of humanity to unify against.

How do we solve this?
Darko Savic 3 months ago
Here's coming from Aubrey de Grey - "Let's aim high." https://youtu.be/AvWtSUdOWVI