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How do I create an indoor wall garden?

How do I create an indoor wall garden?

Image credit: Paul Hanaoka / unsplash.com

By Darko Savic on Oct 02, 2020

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Ideas to bring the natural light

[1] https://news.energysage.com/solar-fiber-optic-lighting-overview/

by Juran K. on Oct 04, 2020

Darko Savic 2 months ago
Those are great ideas! One problem that comes to mind with sunlight is that some plants won't grow/bloom/fruit during wintertime because they measure the duration of daylight to determine when the winter is over. They may need to be tricked with a few hours of LED lighting to prolong the days
Juran K. 2 months ago
Hmm, I must admit I didn't go that far, but it could definitely be a problem for some plants. Warm light LED for a few hours should work and would generate better results than full-time artificial light, for sure.

Vertical garden columns turned into flat wall cladding

by Dragan Otasevic on Oct 03, 2020

A great example of a green wall

by Dragan Otasevic on Oct 03, 2020

Darko Savic 2 months ago
Another cool idea https://youtu.be/IzO8OKmC5yc
Darko Savic 2 months ago
Yes, that looks amazing. What happens to the excess water though? I mean if the system overwaters the pockets, the water needs to drain somewhere. I guess it could be made to trickle down into the bottom pockets, and there could be a drainage hose leading outside (but protected from freezing)

DIY aquaponics wall

by Darko Savic on Oct 03, 2020

If you want edibles, I'd recommend a different approach

by Povilas S on Oct 03, 2020

Darko Savic 2 months ago
Regarding the glass roof and underfloor heating idea - I've done that too. It was difficult to make energy-efficient while livable at the same time. During winter it was either mold on the glass/walls or too cold to live in. During summer it was either too hot to live in or too much shading for some of the plant species I had. The summertime problems could be solved with a good automated shading + ventilation systems. The wintertime problem could be solved with triple glazed windows and good recuperation ventilation. Will have to give it another try in the future
Povilas S 2 months ago
Well it's good to hear initial reviews on that from experience, because I haven't yet tried it. I'm planning it for when I'll have a house with a roof instead of living in an apartment;) As I understand you still tried to incorporate it into living spaces - like in an attic, etc.? My idea would be to just make a greenhouse on an actual roof, separately from living spaces, only for plants. Would require a straight roof with a tiny angle for precipitation, or at least a part of the roof should be straight, like a roof terrace. So that part of the roof under the greenhouse - "the floor" would be heated. There shouldn't be any shading at all in a roof greenhouse, the problem might be too much sun and heat in the summer, but as you said - good ventilation might help or there might be a need to create artificial shading for some plant species. And for winter there should be good thermal insulation and everything should be made hermetic, so an air pump to regularly get fresh air from outside might be necessary.
Darko Savic 2 months ago
Thank you for this amazing insight. It was really helpful and I appreciate it very much

Infuse the walls with the seeds/plantlets of slow growing vines

by Subash Chapagain on Oct 11, 2020

My test unit

by Darko Savic on Nov 20, 2020

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