Facebook PixelHow rational is the concept of free will in this era of AI-powered data manipulation?
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How rational is the concept of free will in this era of AI-powered data manipulation?

How rational is the concept of free will in this era of AI-powered data manipulation?

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By Nitish Sharma on Oct 28, 2020

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AI making you buy things - is real?

[1] https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-54522442

by Juran K. on Nov 09, 2020

There are two sides to this

by Povilas S on Oct 28, 2020

Steven Agee 12 days ago
You are correct; AI is just a tool. The analytics, data modeling and other machine learning and decision specifics are still controlled. As long as man is flawed, so will be ANY AI tool. It will be, at the end of the day, a reflection (in some ways) of those that create it.
Juran K. a month ago
I love the "another side" you mentioned. I see the AI as an extension of our mind, which opens a lot of new doors. If I wrote my thoughts, they would sound exactly like yours. But as I read, some big questions emerged.

If you can't sue your mom, friends or the environment for raising and shaping you into a murderer, because at the end, you killed by your "free will", you will not be able to sue the AI for the same neither, right?

Parralel to that,

You willingly buy a smartphone and use it on a daily basis. You willingly open and browse through the oceans of data, allowing an AI to learn your habits, movements and predict your thoughts.

Would that predicted thought be yours if there wasn't an AI? Can we blame the algorithm here or is it just a scary projection of ourselves that we fear of? Is the AI dangerous because it will bring our thoughts to surface before they emerge?

Just some late night brainstorming here... :)

Darko Savic a month ago
Our tools are designed to extend our will. We tend to fear exponential technology because we don't trust the tool operators. All our tools would be in harmony with humanity's interests if we weren't such a competitive, game-theoretic species.

Could we use AI to help us shift from being a game-theoretic, competitive species to a mostly collaborative species? https://brainstorming.com/r/s2

Transhumanism horizon

by Anja M on Oct 28, 2020

Deepfakes are coming

by Darko Savic on Oct 29, 2020

Martina Pesce 12 days ago
I believe this concept alone is very well worth a brainstorming session!

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Darko Savic a month ago
Some of this is already being discussed here https://brainstorming.com/r/s136 and here https://brainstorming.com/r/s180

This topic seems to be on everyone's mind lately:)
Povilas S a month ago
Darko Savic Although this session touches a bit different and important aspect of actually manipulating people with a help of AI and collected personal data whether those two were more about personal data protection and safe internet.