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Image credit: Danu T P

By Danu Taufik Pradhana on Nov 06, 2020

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Shubhankar Kulkarni 17 days ago
Hi Danu Taufik Pradhana ☺️ Do you mean something like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJPHzIgA6Qc) except, instead of a video, you want to generate a painting (a static graphic)? In this video, a person talks and the others dance (or move) in a way that explains (or complements) the talk.

It would be a good idea to see how many different random paintings can a single word or a phrase generate? People attach certain feelings (memories) with certain words. The attached feelings can vary largely. The idea you have presented may help judge the range of feelings.

I am thinking about where we can utilize this? Maybe in a counselor's clinic where the patients cannot describe their thoughts or feelings in words and the randomly generated images may help them identify them? To do this, we need to feed the database of feelings to the random image generator.
Darko Savic 20 days ago
Hi Danu Taufik Pradhana 🖖

Are you adding this as an idea or a brainstorming session? It was posted as a session but it looks more like an idea to me.

This explains how we add brainstorming sessions: https://brainstorming.com/r/s82
and this is about adding ideas https://brainstorming.com/r/s170