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What are the different things and ways in which you can donate?

What are the different things and ways in which you can donate?

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By Shubhankar Kulkarni on Aug 26, 2020

Creative contributions

Donate by being of influence, creating awareness

[1] B. Chai & all, Which diet has the least environmental impact on our planet? A systematic review of vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous diets, Sustainability, 2019

by Nivari Van der Voorde on Nov 15, 2020

Shubhankar Kulkarni 13 days ago
Nivari Van der VoordeI agree. I am trying to pinpoint the thing that you donate by being influential. You spread news; you tell people what is really happening. So, there is definitely knowledge that you donate. Is there anything else?
Nivari Van der Voorde 10 days ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni I do not know if it is simply just knowledge. You can share on social media a political post that one has already seen before and does not include any new information. But by repeatingly seeing this message being spread again it can cause awareness.

I mean, did we not know (knowledge) that racism is not a good thing already?
But by multiple people sharing this message it becomes a more topical issue, creating awareness for the subject again.

Nivari Van der Voorde 10 days ago
I think that a lot of things that are protested for, are things we already know. It just goes to the back of our minds again as we are caught up in our own lives. So bringing it back to the front seems to me different the just sharing knowledge, what do you think?

Take the example of the parents of Madeleine McCann. At some point the whole world knew that this little girl was missing, but by keeping the subject alive in the press they gained a continuously awareness around this, that new updates on the case still appear 13 years later on the news.

It was not the parents just sharing their knowledge, it was their influential network that made the change. Almost a strategy I would say. I also use this on my social media, to create a synergy of more knowledge together. So yes knowledge, but with a strategy that creates a lot more awareness.

Solve other people's problems and donate solutions to them

by Darko Savic on Aug 26, 2020

Knowledge (not linearly correlated with time)

by Shubhankar Kulkarni on Aug 26, 2020

Work (time)

by Darko Savic on Oct 08, 2020

Technical volunteering in tough times

by Subash Chapagain on Oct 11, 2020

Dr Aviskar Chapagain 2 months ago
You did awesome My Dear Brother 💞 . You serve for humanity ...
Shubhankar Kulkarni 2 months ago
Great work Subash! Kudos to the three-membered team. I am trying to extract the things you donated from the volunteering work. "Time" is surely one of the things. The second is "expertise". You knew how to set up a lab, how to grow cultures, and how to identify E. coli. Here lies your expertise. Expertise is acquired by spending a lot of time, energy, and experience. Therefore, expertise does not linearly depend on time and can be mentioned as a separate thing that you donate. When there are fewer people who can do the same job as you, your work does not linearly depend on time. The third is, as Darko suggested in one of the earlier suggestions, "brainpower". You understood that the damaged drainage system and unavailability of latrines contributed to the problem. You also thought of what could be done and suggested to the officials to distribute water-purifying tablets. All of this falls under donating "brainpower".

Donate knowledge

by Dr Aviskar Chapagain on Oct 12, 2020

empathy (time) and vulnerability

by Martina Pesce on Oct 16, 2020

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Darko Savic 3 months ago
I was about to write that time is the most expensive donation an individual can make until I saw your 3rd point - organs. Hopefully, our technologies would soon catch up and make organ donations a thing of the past.