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Which movie-inspired inventions do we want to see realized?

Which movie-inspired inventions do we want to see realized?

Image credit: A scene from "Paprika" by Satoshi Kon.

By Anja M on Oct 31, 2020

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3. "DC Mini" from "Paprika"

by Anja M on Oct 31, 2020

Shubhankar Kulkarni 23 days ago
Here is another application of DC mini: Even though we are not able to insert another person into someone's dream/ subconscious, what if we could at least insert memories or stimulate specific neurons to replay the lost memories? It will be useful for patients recovering from a coma. A study [1] in 2015 showed that familiar voices and stories may speed coma recovery. In the study, the relatives of the patients recorded their stories (memories of events from the patient's past) and they were played for the patients using headphones. The treatment went on for six weeks. The researchers believe that playing the memories exercises the parts of the brain responsible for long-term memories. This is because of the changes observed in the blood oxygen levels in those parts of the brain. We can take this to the next level and directly stimulate certain parts of the brain and recreate those images in the patient's head, probably helping recovery.

Reference: https://www.nm.org/healthbeat/medical-advances/family-voices-coma-care
Ana Suarez 24 days ago
I agree with Povilas S this looks like the machine used in Inception (2010) and The Cell. For both movies, I would add the ethical side of those professional proceedings. The device is not only dangerous in the hands of thieves; also, in the hands of potential unscrupulous professionals that are allowed to manipulate your utmost intimacy: dreams.

Who should be able to operate the device? In what circumstances? Who decides that? What happens when a patient does not want to be "cured"?

Maybe a serial killer is an extreme case, but there is a wide range of greys, and, even in the case of an offender, can we impose a "cure" of such nature?
Povilas S 25 days ago
This reminded me especially of the movie The Cell (2000). The differences are that in "The Cell" the psychiatrist enters not so much the dream of the patient, but directly into his subconscious and the "patient" is a serial killer who is caught but is in a coma, therefore can't be questioned to where his recent victim is kept still alive. The rest of the plot seems very similar and the technology described is basically the same. The technology is also very similar to the one used in "Inception". Another thing I found interesting is that another anime by Satoshi Kon - "Perfect Blue" also has many similar elements with another western movie - "Black Swan".

3. StarTrek Replicator

by Darko Savic on Oct 31, 2020

Darko Savic 25 days ago
Generally, Startrek is full of things we need:) The transporter (teleportation device), energy shields for the spaceships, ship's all-knowing computer (AGI), Warp drive, and so on.

A "tricorder" used to be popular in the older series. We now have smartphones which almost do the job:)
Anja M 24 days ago
Darko Savic Replicators of various kinds seem to be so popular, and for a reason. :D
Thanks for this reminder.

3. Point of view gun. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

by Povilas S on Nov 01, 2020

Anja M 24 days ago
HOW could I have forgotten: "It won't affect me, I already am a woman." :D

I think if something like this was to come to existence, it really would be due to the reason described. x)
Anyhow, yes, it would help prevent many conflict situations and bridge the gaps of human miscommunication. However, I really feel such inventions are a two-edged sword. As much as it would come as an oasis in the desert of human communication strife, if we were to rely on it much (as we probably would), we would quickly enough come to diminishing our communication skills, which are such a delicate skill to be aquired, as it always involve some social and emotional intelligence. So, if we make it less available, but still available, I would say it could work to our benefit.
Maybe make it available like a free train ticket in some countries if you e.g. recycle or do a number of squats. :D Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHzQk59nfVc
Povilas S 21 days ago
Anja M 😂 Cool. Seems Russia has great ideas too.
But we only need communication skills to get each other right and this gun does precisely that:D I think even with maximally improved communication skills constant misconceptions would still be happening on a daily basis, language and the way human mind works is simply just the right fuel for this. Of course, the gun is a very limited version of that sort of technology, but I think we are bound to evolve the way we communicate to something more direct and clear, otherwise, we will be forever stuck in the stone age of communication:D

A vault into other people's life experiences like in 'Being John Malkovich'

by Subash Chapagain on Nov 01, 2020

Povilas S 21 days ago
Have you read Castaneda books? There is an episode in one of the books (I don't remember exactly which one) where the protagonist (Castaneda) under the influence of some psychoactive substance, during the "trip" turns into a crow and gets to experience the way crows are perceiving the world, which (according to the book and the experience) is that they see black and white colors reversed, for example, they see other crows as being white. There were other things mentioned about that experience, but that's the one that got stuck in my memory. What's fascinating about this is that maybe there is a possibility of experiencing not only the perception of other humans but of other beings as well.
Anja M 24 days ago
Yes, this really is similar to what Povilas and I have contributed above. Like an additional aspect of it all
Also, I like your idea about being easier to find a meaning in life if we were to have all these different experiences. It would definitely make us less judgemental and more able to understand the other side, so I hope this would at least mean our nature would become more succeptible to humbleness.

2. That nootropic drug from "Limitless"

by Anja M on Nov 01, 2020

2."Amnestics"from"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

by Deru Xu on Nov 02, 2020

2. "Spiderman gloves" from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

by Shubhankar Kulkarni on Nov 03, 2020

2. Iron man's HUD display

by Shubhankar Kulkarni on Nov 03, 2020

3. "The Anywhere Key" from Netflix series "Locke & Key"

by Juran K. on Nov 04, 2020

Shubhankar Kulkarni 21 days ago
This coupled with the Virtual Reality gear could create be a big industry of "virtual travel". 😃
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Shubhankar Kulkarni 23 days ago
Anja M Great work having the guidelines! Although this session is only for inventions from movies, can we add those from TV shows, series, books, etc.? We can have categories for them, too.
Anja M 21 days ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni Yes, I don't know why I only put movies, probably because they occupied me for that moment. But any other pop culture media is fine. :)
Anja M 24 days ago
"Captain's log" 20:54 CET: It is curious how majority of the contributions so far focus of entering one's own or another's subconsciousness or experience in general. What does this small statistic show about us? Or did I just unconsciously start such a thread by making my own contribution on such a topic first, so this tendency might appear without a deeper connection after all?
Shubhankar Kulkarni 23 days ago
Anja M Probably, because when I read the title, I thought of some other invention, not related to entering other's minds. Then I went through the contributions and had to check the session description again to see if you had mentioned inventions only from that field. ☺️

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