What we are building

Science oriented brainstorming platform where the brightest minds from all walks of life direct collective brilliance at specific topics.

Most of the great ideas and technologies that we use today, came from people other than ourselves. Someone sacrificed their time and energy to bring something new to the world and shared it with us. Imagine the possibilities when the work of such unexpected heroes is improved upon by constructive feedback from other exceptional individuals. We strive to make this happen.

A brain capable of discovering a cure for cancer might be busy making ends meet while working for a minimal wage. On the other spectrum there are people who have all the required resources and desire for progress, but might be missing a worthwhile direction. If people with exceptional abilities meet people with exceptional opportunities, the outcome could be amazing.

Window shopping for visionaries – some people have the ability to piece together various ideas and components to create a bigger picture. Brainstorming platform will provide an endless depository of well-defined ideas. Maybe some of them will give rise to the next Satoshi Nakamoto or Elon Musk.


  • Ultimately to contribute to the scientific and technological progress of humanity … but also just to help each other out.
  • To provide thinkers, theorists, strategists and geniuses with a platform where they can let their talents shine.
  • To get diverse perspectives. Different minds are trained for different ways of thinking and thus prepared to see possibilities where others would miss them.
  • To connect thinkers with doers and facilitate partnerships for future projects.
  • We are spending a good portion of our lives on social media. Rather than having it go to waste, let it be time spent productively and hopefully result in something that will benefit us in the long run.
  • When you are doing unique things like-minded people are not easy to come by. Discussing ideas attracts people who find them worthwhile.
  • If you are often the smartest person in the room, chances are you are in the wrong room. Here people will challenge you intellectually and hopefully move your thought process forward.


  • By having people collectively formulate and share ideas for anyone to improve upon and use.
  • Brainstorm in public but also in private groups.
  • By structuring all contributions in a uniform format, with sections similar to scientific research papers (summary, introduction, references, discussion, a section with learning tips for laymen to catch up on the topic). The final result of such a brainstorming session should be a very usable and well-defined idea outline.
  • By having people explain the scientific background of problems in layman terms and referencing the learning material so that those from unrelated fields can catch up and then contribute constructively.
  • By letting anyone suggest modifications/improvements to the concepts which are shaping in front of our eyes – collaborative brainstorming.
  • By time-stamping all suggestions/ideas and properly crediting them to the originator.
  • By suggesting interesting content based on machine-learned user preferences.
  • The brainstorming sessions are not face to face so people have the convenience and time to contribute on their own terms after they have familiarized themselves with the topic at hand.
  • By providing additional means to help people attract professional feedback to their problems/ideas.
  • By providing the ability to create your permanent, dream team, specialized, brainstorming groups and run ideas past them on a regular basis.
  • All that while making the user experience enjoyable and gratifying.

What will count as success

  • Being a place of origin that started something great
  • Discovering unexpected geniuses who become appreciated for their contributions
  • Seeing inclusive cooperation between professionals and brilliant non-experts