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"Alarm clock" based on location

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@rami_alzayat

Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 14, 2021
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Do you have such an experience: you need to go to a certain store to buy a product, but you will always forget about it. Even if you pass by this store every day, you still can't remember it. The current alarm clock is to remind people according to the time point: when the alarm clock reaches the set time, it will sound to remind people. I think we can also launch a small program like this: remind people based on space and location. When people need to do something in a place, the user sets the place as a reminder point, and when he passes by the place, the software will remind the user. For example, a user wants to buy a certain product in a store, but he is afraid of forgetting it. Therefore, the user of the software can set a certain store as a reminder point, or use all nearby commodity stores as a reminder point. When the software detects that the user passes by a certain merchandise store, it can make a sound to remind the user to buy the merchandise.
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Reminder for dropping things off at particular locations

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 16, 2021
Nice idea, @Deru! The app could also have a feature of reminding the user to take certain stuff with them when they leave for a particular place. For example, if I want to drop something off at my friend's place who does not stay on my usual routes. I could add that reminder to the app. The app would ask me my destinations for the day as soon as I enter my car. It would then remind me to take the necessary things along and drop them on the route.
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Deru Xu
Deru Xu3 years ago
This is a good idea. I sometimes leave the things I bring with me in the office. This app can remind me to take my things away when I leave.😀
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A Microchip That Helps Our Forgetfulness

Daami A.
Daami A. Aug 19, 2021
Thanks for this man! It's amazing and I hope this gets into the industry and into the market.

It will be of greater satisfaction if you take it there!

I once thought of something.

You know how we forget where we put things in the house. It becomes so bothersome many times as this "forgetting" phenomenon usually intrudes in our time— in the sense that many times we have to be wait till we find something.

As a matter of truth, we forget things not only in the house but at work, at the store, washrooms, school— everywhere.

That something many times can be something we can not do without.

Like, wedding ring on the wedding day. A wedding won't proceed without a ring.

What if there's a specialize chip that can be attached to items that makes trackable from a mobile device.

There are chips already, however, nobody as thought to make one for my TV remote and car key.

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An app that stretches the functionality of an AirTag

jnikola Jan 23, 2022
Although this idea is a few months old, the ideation of an alarm clock is still an ongoing process in my head.
Your idea seems great and could work as an upgraded reminder function. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is privacy. In order to properly remind you, the phone should track your every move. Although it's already our reality, many people would never sign a written consent to allow 24/7 tracking. I think I maybe found a way how to avoid that.
An app that stretches the functionality of an AirTag
Although tracking your phone could be tricky, tracking your AirTag could, thus, be acceptable. Apple recently presented an AirTag device that emits a private Bluetooth signal to the nearby devices which then send the location data to the cloud. This location data can only be read by an authorized device, which then easily finds a lost item.
What if we created a third-party app which allows us to add functions to the AirTag?
For example.
  1. We label an AirTag as "MIKE'S SHOES" and drop it in the bag with Mike's shoes. Now we are the only one always knowing where Mike's shoes are.
  2. Then we add a reminder to "Return the shoes to Mike" and write Mike's address. Since AirTag "knows" where it is, it could also "know" when it's close to the Mike's house (if we wrote an address earlier).
  3. All what we need is a way how we could get notified. We should somehow "connect" the AirTag to that reminder, but I am not sure I know the way how we could (technically) make it happen.
Do you have any ideas? Could this be a cool alternative to the phone tracking or is it the same for you?
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