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This is a place where people share and build upon each other’s ideas. It’s not so much about answering questions, rather the focus is on creating new solutions. Before you get started have a look at our principles of collaboration. You can participate in several ways:

Brainstorming sessions typically revolve around well-defined problems or goals which are to be tackled by other people’s suggestions, solutions, and creative contributions. The purpose of each session must be clearly defined so that people understand what you are trying to achieve and can help accordingly.

Alternatively, you can share an idea of any kind. Preferably it should be useful to someone and worth the reader’s time. People will provide their feedback, suggestions for improvements, clever use case scenarios, etc. Ideas are shared with no strings attached. Anyone is free to modify, build, and use them as they wish.

The difference between comments and solutions is in the quality of information and how it affects the overall goal of the session.

Rather than comment on other people’s mistakes, you can save everyone’s time and just edit their content with your improvements. Anything can be edited by people who have demonstrated responsible use of the privilege (abuse it and lose it). Edits are approved via peer review.

Contributions that are off-topic or don’t add the slightest value to the overall goal, belong in the irrelevant tab. By using the move to irrelevant feature you help save other people’s time. Don’t go overboard though - the feature is meant to keep the content clean, not sterile:)