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The Brainstorming platform is a place where people help solve each other's problems and improve upon each other's ideas.

What is an idea?

An idea is an attempt to solve a problem. Finding a solution begins with identifying the problem. At that point, we call it a challenge - the first step on the problem-solving spectrum.

What’s the difference between a challenge and an idea?

A challenge is an aspirational pursuit of an unknown solution. An idea is the exact same thing, but with a solution in sight.

A bad idea and a good idea are both works in progress. One needs a better angle, the other more iterations.

How do we come up with ideas?

All ideas come from creativity - our ultimate problem-solving tool. All human knowledge is a direct result of problem-solving.

Ideas are built upon other ideas. Existing knowledge serves as the foundation for new ideas.

As we interact with the world around us, something eventually bothers us to the point that we want to take action. When faced with a problem we instinctively resort to creativity.

A worthy problem is felt like a personal challenge when it encounters the right person.

What’s the difference between an idea and an insight?

An idea is your attempt at solving a problem in a way that hasn’t been done before. Insight is any piece of existing information that is useful in solving the problem.

On this platform, insight belongs in the comments section. Ideas deserve their own pages.

Why should people brainstorm with you?

Making your challenges interesting, useful, and educational will encourage others to join forces with you. Also, pay it forward. Help others for no reason. They might do the same for others. It comes around when you have a problem to solve.

What are bounties?

Bounties are financial rewards for solving problems. Adding a bounty to your challenge will encourage others to invest their time and brainpower in helping you solve it.

What can I do?

Different minds look at problems from different perspectives. What may seem unremarkable to one person, can spark a revelation in another brain that is wired just a little differently.

Make yourself useful. Your perspective can lead to progress.