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This is a place where creative people join forces to make a difference in the world. You can participate in several ways:

Create a brainstorming session

Think of brainstorming like a game of jigsaw puzzle. We generally know what we want, but there are missing pieces of information on the way to the desired outcome. Some pieces can be found, others have yet to be created.

A brainstorming session is not about answering questions. Rather, the purpose is to jointly contribute valuable information that could get us closer to the session’s goal.

Components of a brainstorming session:

  • A clear goal (the big picture) that would be achievable if we had the right information.
  • Insight. What should people know before they can meaningfully contribute toward the session’s goal?
  • Call to action. How can you convince people that your goal is worthy of their time and brainpower?

Formulate the goal in a way that invites people on a journey to assemble or create the information required to reach the goal. Can it be formulated as a question? (more info)

Contribute to other people’s sessions

If the brainstorming session is like a jigsaw puzzle, then creative contributions are the missing pieces.

A creative contribution can be any valuable information that could get us closer to the goal of the session. It Could be an original thought, reference to existing research, a connection found between other contributions, etc. The title should summarize the contribution. Avoid vague titles to avoid vague contributions. (more info)

Share an idea

Continuing the jigsaw puzzle analogy - an idea that you share on this platform, is a nearly complete picture with most of the pieces in place. People will provide the few missing pieces in the form of their feedback, suggestions for improvements, clever use case scenarios, etc.

Share an idea if:

  • You came up with it yourself
  • It doesn't already exist in the proposed form
  • It's a new or significantly improved way of doing something
  • You share it open source and don't mind if other people upgrade, modify or bring it to life (more info)

Before you get started have a look at our principles of collaboration. And please, search for the relevant keywords on the platform to avoid posting duplicates.