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“The next best questions” real-time competition online

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Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain Aug 05, 2022
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An online ‘reality show’ for finding the most important questions from different fields/domains from participants worldwide.
  • If we find the right questions to ask around a given problem at hand, we can come to the solution faster.
  • A sense of competitiveness and a real-time format can inspire people to think more rigorously and ask better questions.
  • Engaging in questioning with people from different backgrounds will help to filter out the most critical issues in different fields - both technical and philosophical
How it works: A dedicated online platform that aims to find the best questions still unanswered from different fields, for example, medicine, business, international relations, physics, etc. Since there can be infinite questions that could be potentially asked, stringent criteria and format can be designed that all questions asked in the program need to meet. To start with, there should be a strict logical coherence in the question, the question must not have any existing answer, the question should have enough ‘value,’ i.e. the potential answer from the question should solve real philosophical or technical problems.
Participants can only ask a certain number of questions within a certain period of time, as long as the questions meet the criteria. The competition can be held in real-time, announcing the winner monthly, bimonthly, or in any other agreed time frame. Existing online identification mechanisms can be used to determine the participant's authenticity.
Who judges the verity of the question? The judgement can be made with a mixed system. A panel of experts in each individual domain judges the questions for rigour and potential. Additionally, the selected questions can be voted by non-experts from those individual fields. The judgement given by the expert judges is weighed much more strongly than that of non-experts.
The participants who can come on, say, ‘top 20 best questions’ are rewarded with ‘xyz’. The higher the question is rated, the better the incentive.
What else could be the guiding rules for such a competition?
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