Facebook PixelA closet that heats/cools/scents/irons your clothing and polishes your shoes
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A closet that heats/cools/scents/irons your clothing and polishes your shoes

Image credit: David Dvořáček on Unsplash

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic Mar 30, 2022
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An all-in-one closet that performs functions on your clothing, such as cooling, heating, scenting and ironing it, as well polishing your shoes.
  • Ensure your clothes are at the right temperature, whether it's sunny or snowing
  • Iron your clothes when you hang them
  • Smell good since it sprays the desired scent onto clothing before you go out
  • Have clean shoes
How it works
A keypad lets you set the desired temperature for your clothing. If it's sunny, it cools the clothing and warms it in winter.
An automatic function enables the closet to spray your clothes at intervals or just one spray before you take them out. After you hang up the clothing, the cupboard irons them.
A shoe compartment contains brushes to the sides and above your shoes. You select the polish colour on the pad, and the brushes work their magic, followed by a spray into your shoes to ensure a pleasant smell.
The closet's extractor fan sucks the stuffiness out.
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Creative contributions

Built-in steamer

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Mar 30, 2022
Such a closet could be fitted with a built-in steamer, which could be activated by a timer, ensuring that all clothes inside are always without creases and ready to be worn.
This would need an efficient ventilation system and I am not sure whether excessive steaming might be harmful to the clothes over time, but it would be an easier alternative to attempting to design a system that would be able to iron individual items of clothing.
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jnikola Mar 30, 2022
The problem
Although your and Povilas S's ideas both are really good, they handle washed or worn, but still clean clothes/shoes. The complexity and price of these systems seem to not be in line with the benefits people get. People still need to collect and wash their clothes, take them out, dry them and hang them. The closet of yours would then do the ironing and scent removal, which is maybe easier to do by choosing smart materials that don't need to be ironed or putting your smoke-smelling shirt on the balcony for an hour or two.
The solution
I think all of these would be handles if you could hang your dirty and smelly shirt on a hanger of the smart closet and take it out clean and fresh the next morning. What you need to make it really incredible is a way to wash it, too, I think.
How would it work?
It could be done:
  • by steaming the clothes
  • by having a "washing compartment" in the closet, where your clothes enter if dirty (differently oriented hanger could be used to indicate whats dirty) and gets washed in small water compartment.
Update: One concept of washing compartment of the closet
Imagine a closet having a unit (positioned central in the picture below) where user leaves dirty clothes (three upper compartments with openable bottom) and schedules washing according to its plans (controls everything via smartphone). When scheduled to be washed certain compartment "opens" the bottom and the clothes fall into the washing machine. The machine automatically selects the best conditions for washing (like shown here), washes, dries and opens on the bottom. Washed and dried clothes fall in specific compartment at the bottom and the customer/user hangs it, irons it or whatever.

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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
This is a similar concept that J. Nikola linked in this idea session.
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