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a creative way to boost chocolate demand

Image credit: www.huffingtonpost.com

nanapublicbgosh Feb 08, 2021
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In the stock market, there is a concept called shorting. Without boring you with the details, it is essentially a way for the powers that be to decide which companies they want to fail. Shorting can lead to the death of a company.
You could say that shorting was cancel culture before cancel culture was invented. This can be expanded upon in society. Actions by individuals or groups can drastically change the way business, individuals, and industries operate, for better or for worse.
I will explain a way for dog owners to think twice about how they walk their dogs and ultimately if they want to at all. This will be a source of extra demand for the chocolate industry.
If people were to perhaps leave chocolate on the sidewalks in major cities such as new York city, ( I suggest getting the bulk chocolate wafers for melting from a bulk online distributor such as amazon) dogs will eat them as they find them and hopefully die.
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General comments

nanapublicbgosh3 years ago
whoever sensored this post i do not appreciate it and quite honestly, if you dont BELIEVE in FREE SPEECH then there is no difference between your website and facebook.
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jnikola3 years ago
Although it seems like a creative way to boost chocolate demand, it actually isn't worked out enough. I will explain it now.

The idea would be useful for you only if you own a chocolate factory or many stocks of one. Even then, the demand should be enormous for you to actually earn some money. In an industry such as chocolate, where constant demand exists, your idea would not have a big effect. Also, taking into consideration all the people who like dogs, you would probably kill few innocent dogs (why) and recklessly spend your money to eventually get caught and suffer consequences.

On the other hand, a better idea would be to produce or invest in companies that produce a chocolate that could be eaten by dogs in large quantities, without affecting their health. Considering the number of dog owners, that would be a better and more humane way to boost chocolate demand and possibly earn money.
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nanapublicbgosh3 years ago
Juran K. humane is such an oxymoron. there is nothing humane about human nature. we kill eachother for gods sake why the fuck am i supposed to care about a dog?
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
nanapublicbgosh "We all kill each other" sounds a lot like false consensus effect - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_consensus_effect

No healthy living being wishes for itself to die. In fact, we are all designed to do everything we can to preserve the life within us, in our species, in other species. People who are capable of empathy can feel/appreciate this in other beings as well. Dogs in particular have the ability to bond with people and express the same feelings we can. This should make it even easier to empathize with them.

Different estimates put the percentage of people that are incapable of empathy at between 6-10% of the total population. People who are incapable of empathy learn social norms to minimize the chances of getting in trouble with others. Doesn't killing other people's pets (loved ones, seen as family members) at the very least sounds like trouble?

I didn't quite understand your rationale behind wanting to kill dogs. Are they seen as dangerous, pest, or? If the goal was to get them off the streets by scaring their owners for their lives, there is a one-word term for this and society goes to great lengths to prevent it.

You don't need to care for the dogs to respect the fact that they (just like us) have their lives to live. Who are we to take upon ourselves the right to control where other beings can and cannot exist? The fact that you can kill another being doesn't mean you should.
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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic3 years ago
Why would you want to kill other people's dogs?
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