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A foldable wall-mounted bathtub

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 09, 2021
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In some places, the population is densely populated and the living space is relatively small, especially in the washroom, where you can only stand and take a shower through the shower head. The bathtub occupies a large space and the position is fixed. In such a small space, it is difficult for people to use the bathtub to soak in the bath. Bathing in a bathtub has many advantages. For example, bathing in a bathtub can make the body feel more relaxed. When you feel particularly tired after a working day, taking a bath in a bathtub can also reduce people's stress and make people feel more happy.

In such a small bathroom, I think it is possible to design a wall-mounted foldable bathtub. One side of the bathtub is fixed at the root of the wall, and the other side can be stretched and folded. When using the bathtub, just extend the bathtub. This bathtub can not only greatly reduce the occupied space, but also can be disassembled for easy use.

Pay attention to the following points:

(1)Different from the traditional bathtub, the material of this bathtub must be guaranteed to be harmless to the human body.
(2)The drain port of the traditional bathtub is connected to the floor drain, but the main part of this bathtub cannot be connected to the floor. Therefore, the drain port needs to be specially designed, and the plastic pipe is connected to the floor drain when draining.
(3)In order to prevent water leakage in the foldable bathtub, this bathtub can also use additional waterproof materials. When taking a bath, you can stretch the bathtub, and then pave a layer of waterproof material in the bathtub. After washing, take out the waterproof layer and let it dry for next use.
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General comments

Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
I've seen something similar done pretty effectively with a shower. https://youtu.be/qLOsfYA8ShM

If space is a problem, showers will probably be an easier and more efficient option anyway. But I like the idea. For more inspiration on space utilization, we can simply take a look at modern RV's and camper vans. They have evolved to do amazing things with a very limited amount of space. https://youtu.be/ypcpFtagQYQ
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Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
It's a good idea, but the thing is that the space in the bathroom that an ordinary bathtub takes is usually desired to squeeze other bathroom furniture instead, which will be fixed in places and not movable. I mean you'll fold the foldable bathtub and make more space, but what you'll put there instead of it? Will you move some things back and forth whenever you take a bath in the bathtub?:)
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Deru Xu
Deru Xu3 years ago
Povilas S In fact, this kind of bathtub I envision is suitable for bathrooms with very small space, and may only be able to put a bathtub. If the bathtub is not folded, other activities of people will be restricted.
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