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A house that provides health guidance services

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 11, 2021
People's lifestyle is closely related to health, and many diseases are caused by bad lifestyles. Some researchers believe that a poor lifestyle is not only prone to diabetes, peptic ulcer disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and cancer, but it can also reduce the body's immune function and induce a variety of diseases. The World Health Organization once pointed out: Bad lifestyle is one of the main causes of human diseases in the 21st century. In modern life, many people's lifestyles are unreasonable.

Therefore, people should change their bad lifestyles in their lives and develop good habits in many aspects such as diet, sleep, work, study and daily life. At the same time, get rid of all bad habits and habits, which is of great benefit to people's health and longevity.

In fact, if there is no reminder or continuous attention to health, it will be difficult to change a bad lifestyle. Design a house with real-time tracking and observation of people’s lifestyles. This house is mainly composed of monitors, reminders, smart processors and other devices connected to the processors. The processor can observe people's various living conditions, formulate a healthy lifestyle according to modern healthy living standards, and judge and detect people's health status.

Whenever there is a bad lifestyle, the system can remind people in time. For example, if people spend too much time watching their mobile phones, the system will remind them to take a break or go out for exercise. When people are reading, the system can also automatically adjust the brightness of the light in the house to protect people's eyes.

When people encounter unexpected situations, the system can provide first aid instructions to others and automatically call the police for help. The automatic call for help function of the system is a great guarantee for those who live alone but are unfortunately unconscious.
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