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A spoon that can detect temperature

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 06, 2021
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The spoon has two purposes, one is to use it to scoop soup, and the other is to use it to drink soup. Drinking a bowl of hot soup on a cold day can make people feel very warm. I have had this experience: I can’t wait to drink soup with a spoon when I eat, but I get burned to my tongue by the very hot water. I believe that most people have been scalded by such a spoon. After the tongue is burned, it will affect the taste for many days.

Therefore, I came up with an idea to combine a temperature sensor with a spoon. The temperature sensor can detect the temperature of the soup in real time. When the temperature of the soup exceeds the alarm temperature (this temperature depends on different people, so the individual can adjust Alarm temperature), the alarm installed on the spoon handle can sound an alarm in time or display different colors to remind people. This kind of spoon that can detect temperature is also especially suitable for children. Generally speaking, this function can remind the parents that the temperature of the soup is too hot. Considering that children are more likely to be burned, the alarm temperature can be adjusted lower.
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Fully analog spoon

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Aug 07, 2021
To avoid having the thermometer breaking down or having to refill the battery, there could be thermal paint or similar so that the spoon changes color if it's too hot.

I just found this on google:)
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