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Alternative format for 'Creative Endurance Prize'

Jules Siedenburg
Jules Siedenburg Aug 23, 2021
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This is a fantastic initiative, given the magnitude and gravity of the challenges humanity faces and the need for problem-solving innovations. Yet I believe the format could be better. My fear is that having participants post one idea per day will lead to lots of iffy submissions that could undermine interest in this initiative as well as its ultimate impact. I would instead suggest a longer interval, perhaps every week or month. This would still require participants to focus on generating innovative ideas, but would maximise the chances that these are sound and potentially viable.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Hi Jules Siedenburg , welcome 🖖

Your submission would be more suitable if posted in the discussion section of https://brainstorming.com/creative-endurance-prize:-share-one-idea-per-day-for-a-year-to-win-one-bitcoin/532

Some people have posted similar suggestions, for example:

Two aspects of the envisioned competition address the problems you have pointed out:

All the iffy submissions get fairly rated by the platform users. If they are iffy, they gradually disappear from view, so as not to waste other people's time. All ideas get rated, one idea wins every day. After 365 days, a statistical overall winner emerges.

The one (original) idea per day requirement is the endurance part - it's the part that requires effort and training of your creative muscle. It's the part that keeps you qualified to participate until the end. We fear that many people would drop out (not endure).

The best idea of the day is the goal every participant aspires to. Every day there is a new chance to have the best idea.

I'm doing this as an exercise. I'm currently on my 39th day (https://twitter.com/darko/status/1429689955295678464?s=20). I used to struggle to come up with something, but it's getting easier by the day.
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