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An app for entrepreneurs to connect with investors

Muzamil Hussain
Muzamil Hussain May 08, 2021
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There should be an App which helps to find enterpenures to find investment for their idea 💡 and help to investors to find the right idea for their investment
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic7 months ago
Hi Muzamil Hussain, welcome ☺️

The main obstacle to such an app is the fact that investors don't invest in ideas. They invest in people. Investment is a bet that the people will successfully convert an idea into a productive business. Even an amazing idea doesn't mean the business will be successful. https://sive.rs/multiply

Here is a similar app proposed https://brainstorming.com/chat-roulette-app-between-investors-and-startups/330

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