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Atmospheric water generator

Razvan Aug 28, 2022
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I've had a thought in the back of my head for a while now, AWGs (atmosperic water generators) are so expensive and such big energy consumers.
I think we could develop something cheaper and easier to maintain by using the water itself instead of a huge metal heat exchanger, by blowing the air at the bottom of a water column in the form of small bubbles. It's been done for fish tanks and the concept is easy to work with.
By placing the AWG somewhere high, from the height difference we could generate electricity with a small water turbine which could even become more energy that was initially consumed if the height is big enough, or just enough to save on the electric bill to make AWGs more feasible.
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Water evaporates

Florin Buda
Florin Buda Aug 30, 2022
If you expose your water to air it will evaporate. Perhaps you'll want to use some oil thin membrane ?
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Razvan2 years ago
Sepparating the water from the air with a layer of oil is a great idea!
According to my initial calculations when the hot air from outside meets the cold water (in order to cool it below it's dew point) the resulting air at the top of the water tank should be cold and dry and it shouldn't absorb any water vapors. I'm thinking if it did absorbe it would get saturated when the air would be inserted at the bottom of the water column.
But if the air doesn't get exhausted fast enough, or the exhaust has a large diameter, I could totally see it warming up towards the exist and starting to absorbe vapors and slowly reversing into the water tank above the water causing it to evaporate (like a gas flame that comes closer to the valve when the pressure of the gas drops) in which case it would be the perfect addition. I really need to go over the entire design and see how else I could use an oil layer to maybe make the heat exchange more efficient.
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General comments

Razvan2 years ago
J. Nikola All AWGs I've seen are using metallic heat exchangers to condense the water, but that is expensive to manufacture and heavy to carry around. My suggestion is to use water instead. More exactly, a system that would cool an insulated water tank below the dew point and use an air pump with a diffuser to make air bubbles at the bottom. The same way it's done with aquariums and ponds. Then, use the resulted dry and cold air to cool the air captured from the atmosphere. After that, the air is halfway between the dew point and the exterior temperature, and could be further used to cool the refrigeration system, along with the resulted cold water. I have made a simple animation with my concept:
https://dms.licdn.com/playlist/C4D05AQHwNWWLkO1Ebw/mp4-720p-30fp-crf28/0/1658141788608?e=1662328800&v=beta&t=uvGheoLCzeAUp84sQoziqOda9vdl4KCEpmUXkWzzpZc Concepts I was inspired by: Heat exchanger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHoH0scUzRg Air Diffuser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gm_j8vdtno The component I'm suggesting to replace is the one marked with number 2 in the following classic design: https://www.air2water.biz/images/filterDiagram.gif
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jnikola2 years ago
Could you maybe explain it in more detail or show us a scheme of how you imagine it to look like? I am not so familiar with expensive AWGs, so I find it a bit hard to imagine what you are proposing.
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