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Carry your groceries better- not one item at a time!

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cart-push-cart-shadow-shopping-cart-236910/

Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal Oct 07, 2021
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Problem- I live in an Apartment complex with a huge basement and underground parking. Carrying anything (for e.g. weekly groceries) to and fro is a big challenge- so much so that we take turns and make multiple rounds from our car to the elevator. We believe it is even worse for people who have parking spots located further away from the elevators.

So the question is- You can use carts at shopping marts for carrying your groceries to your car/cab but what happens when you reach home with these groceries?
One way would be to carry trolley bags to shopping- but this is not always possible, like on days when shopping happens spontaneously. Also, trolley bags may not big enough to fit all your items and are just inconvenient to carry around, especially if you are forgetful and do not have a car.

My idea is inspired by the electric bike "Yulu" (refer inserted picture) which is becoming increasingly popular in some parts of India for short distance commutes.
My idea is to convert Yulu into electric shopping cart with navigation features similar to home cleaning robots. On scanning the QR code on the app, the electric cart autonomously navigates to the user’s car and drops them off at the nearest elevator and returns back to its docking station, upon which the cost of the trip is deducted from the user's Money wallet. A couple of electric carts like these in the parking lots can meet the demand of the residents, depending on the size of area to be serviced. This will do away with the need of pre-planning all your shopping escapades.

[1]By Ubsangars - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=110386651

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Smart car-integrated cart

jnikola Oct 07, 2021
I carry bags many times a week, too, so I can understand the size of the problem.

A few days ago I was using an iPad with a stylus and found it really intriguing how Apple didn't manage to fit the stylus inside the iPad design, like Samsung Note smartphones, for example.

Similar to that, why don't we just build a foldable cart that could be easily integrated into the car's trunk?
The cart should:
  • be strong enough to carry many items
  • be very thin when folded so they can fit in a specially designed space under the car trunk
  • have wheels
  • have the height adjustment system
  • should be connected to the car and be able to "park" themselves back to their compartment
  • should have Bluetooth connection so you can find them if they get lost in the shop
There are already some solutions that could help:
None of them has the ability to be folded in a very thin form that can easily fit every trunk, nor they are specially designed to fit in a predefined compartment of the car. None of them also has the Bluetoothconnectivity and does not appear to be a personal gadget.
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Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal3 years ago
Hi Juran, Thank you for your inputs. However the problem with having a foldable cart integrated into the car's trunk is that it does not solve the problem for people who do not own a personal vehicle (in developing countries such as mine majority of the population cannot afford buying a car). I love buying plants and faced this problem while carrying potted plants home from my car/cab that prompted me towards an easy solution.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Hi Aashi

One of these could be useful:
https://youtu.be/vGDMpLMkWFg (and how they made it https://youtu.be/6I5rQfJSmaM)

These can traverse stairs:

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Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal3 years ago
Darko Savic Thanks Darko! These videos pretty much outline the working of the electric cart. The idea is to utilise these robots to create a service rather than offering them as personal use products. This might be a more economically feasible route than buying these pricey robots . Moreover, since Yulu has already established their base in some parts of the country, the could monetize a completely new category of service by tweaking their existing electric bike (for e.g. adding features like the "follow" option shown in the above videos and affixing a shopping cart onto their bikes).
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Aashi Agarwal Right. A hybrid between the electric bike and stair-climbing cart would be amazing. It doesn't even have to have the following function. It could be pushed by hand. For stair climbing, it would switch into high torque, slow speed gear.
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Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal3 years ago
Darko Savic Yes a hybrid would be a powerful device! Pushing with hand might not be a bad idea however it still would need to be able to navigate back to its docking station (for charging, safety etc.) after dropping a user off to the elevator.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Aashi Agarwal You could simply drop it off where you got it. Every cart would have a GPS and be discoverable by others via an app. When the battery is low, someone could come and recharge it to make some money. That's how e-scooters like Lime and similar work.
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