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Charging electric vehicles on the highway by connecting to battery-supplied trucks

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-freight-truck-close-up-photography-2449454/

jnikola Jul 05, 2022
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There are more and more electric vehicles on the road. There are also tons of trucks driving everywhere. Battery-supplied trucks that can recharge cars on the go.
  • charging on the go (without stopping)
  • more charging stations (the market is huge due to a huge number of trucks)
  • a way for truck companies to earn money while on the go
One of the biggest reasons why people are not buying electric cars in bulk is due to an insufficiently developed network of charging stations.
People also hate to spend 45 min up to 2 h sitting, drinking coffee and waiting for their car to be charged. With gas it's much easier, you pour some gasoline and drive.
How would it work?
You drive a car and your battery is on 15 %. You check your screen to look for charging stations and there is one nearby, but you are in a hurry. You open your application to find nearby trucks supplied with batteries to charge your car. There are two slightly in front of you so
  • chose the closest one and "reserve" it for 10 minutes (request for charging is sent)
  • the truck driver gets notified that you want to charge and approves your request
  • you then find it using the "directions"
  • drive slowly behind them and click "I'm here"
  • the driver confirms your position and slows down to 30 km/h
  • you turn on all four blinkers and slow down to 30 km/h, too
  • the ramp for the front tires pulls out and you slowly climb on top of it
  • the ramp blocks your front wheels and you continue to drive on top of the truck ramp up to 90 km/h
  • the ramp itself is a wireless charging station that starts charging your car
  • on your map, the routhe of the truck appears so that you can follow in which direction are you heading
  • when your car is sufficiently charged or you need to get off the highway in different directions from the truck driver (or the other way around), you click "Finish charging"
  • the truck driver slows down again to 30 km/h, releases your front wheels
  • you continue you ride with battery charged
  • the application calculated the cost of the charge and charges it via the connected credit card
Additional information
Safety features
It would be recommended to use four blinkers and flashing lights on the car and the truck to indicate that charging is in progress, for other drivers to adjust their speed and be careful.
The ramp should be safe enough for the car to slide onto it and off of it.
No passing of other cars is allowed for the truck while the car is charging.
Additional features
In order to make truck drivers do this, charging on the go would be more expensive then regular charging on charging stations. Since they drive slower and drag a heavy load (spend more gas), charging would make up for these expenses and bring them profit. It would be a premium service.
Additionally, huge TV could be installed on the trucks back to provide people in the charging car some entertainment. The audio would connect via the app or the specific radio frequency like in car cinemas.
Creative contributions

Magnetic connectors

jnikola Jul 05, 2022
In order to make the service of charging on the go safer and simpler, magnetic attachment "hooks" could be installed on both, electric cars and charging trucks.
That way, a car could simply approach the truck, connect via the magnetic link and start charging. The link should be strong enough to make it possible for the truck to drag the charging car.
The future
Additionally, when the technology will be available, cars could be charged while driving (no need to stop and be dragged by the truck) by simply approaching the charging truck and driving behind it.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Pretty much this:)
and leaving the truck:

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jnikola2 years ago
Darko Savic Exactly like this hahah great!
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
To charge cars, the trucks would have to carry a lot of heavy batteries. This might be cost-ineffective unless they do nothing else apart from charging. The batteries might take too big a part of their load to effectively combine their primary purpose and additional charging business.
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jnikola2 years ago
Povilas S That's the problem I pointed out in the last part of my idea. In theory, they shouldn't carry a lot of heavy batteries. Maybe only one battery could be enough to compensate for part of their already high costs. To charge 1 car while on the go, trucks should have a battery as big as the one in the electric car, which is usually around 450 kg. An average lorry/truck can transport between 7.5 (small ones) and 44 tonnes of load. For the big trucks, it doesn't seem too much. But I agree that smart distribution of weight and planning should be an integral part of this business. Also, I suppose that electric batteries (and consequentially, chargers) will become cheaper and smaller.
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