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Classic supporting characters you would want to see in a retaliation novel

Ana Suarez Aug 25, 2020
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‘Year 2040.
‘Agent 13, emerges from the garbage can. He has had enough! He will call Robin with no further delay to start the conspiracy. They are meeting Ringo in a bungalow somewhere in Northern Europe.
‘They are all fortunate Sancho is coming; he has been plotting this for centuries.’

I want all my ill-treated, sometimes battered secondary characters executing revenge and going: ‘Who’s in command now, uh? Muahahaha

What would a story be without its supporting characters? *

What secondary characters do you imagine interacting and how?

*Applies to life (LOL).

Creative contributions

Dr. Bruce Banner

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 27, 2020
“People love the Hulk! They like when he smashes things.” Bruce spoke to himself while gathering his reagents. “I am the genius scientist and no one notices me.” He waved his hands in the air. “Not anymore. I am sick of being the faceless alternative. I need to show the world who I really am. They need to appreciate me for me, not the Hulk! Tony saw the real genius in me. He encouraged my scientific appetite. He did not just care about the Hulk, like everyone else. And now, with Tony gone, there is nobody left for Bruce. Not even Natasha.” Bruce hung his head low. The computer beeped, signaling that it was ready for the experiment. Bruce gathered his wits. “I am sick of the Hulk’s tantrums. What does he know of the pain I go through every time I turn green? My skin, my muscles, my bones tear themselves apart to create the beast. All he does is smash, that brainless muscle dump!” Bruce was angry for a long time. “Not anymore!” he repeated, louder this time. “After today, I will be the sole owner of this body”, he said, raising a vial containing a blue serum. He locked the doors to the lab, set the table to his height, and pressed a few buttons on the computer. The machine attached to the computer came to life. It made a churning sound, gaining all the power needed to emit radiation. Bruce attached the vial to an injection gun. He turned the levers on the machine and positioned himself on the table. He fastened his legs and his torso to the table. “Goodbye Hulk”, he said with a grin and injected the serum in his arm. The machine emitted lasers onto Bruce and everything went white! Hulk woke up with a gasp, sweating. He looked around and saw himself in his bedroom. “Just a dream” he reassured himself. “Just a dream”!
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Donkey from Shrek

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 27, 2020
Hi Ana! I like the cover image! It reminded me of the Donkey from Shrek. He probably has all the reasons for retaliation. He is hated by Shrek, called a Donkey by everyone (a name would have made things easier), ignored, called names, and accepted as a friend (by Shrek) only towards the end of the first movie. However, Donkey finds a friend in Shrek immediately (although this is partly because Shrek is stronger/ scarier and chases off the royal guards who want to capture Donkey). Donkey helps Shrek on his quest when he could have simply gone back to the swamp and had a vacation! He has to seduce a fire-breathing dragon to help Shrek and Fiona escape (although that ends up in a relationship later). So yes, Donkey is all set for bringing hell down on Shrek. However, Donkey is not the cunning type. He is fun-loving. His retaliation would involve making Shrek do things that Shrek hates like making him hum a song, play dress-up with make-up, cook food that humans eat, show table manners, make the dragon toss Shrek all around, make Shrek play with their babies, make Shrek be nice to Donkey all the time, and most importantly, share half of Shrek's property!
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Ana Suarez 4 years ago
I love both of these! Thanks!
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