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Come up with a way to recover lost items without the use of tracking devices

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Andreas Frandsen
Andreas Frandsen Nov 23, 2022
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Companies might not have the time or the resources to run an efficient lost-and-found program for items that people lost within their premises.
Can you come up with a way for companies or people to easily find their items instead of calling, emailing, or walking around to try to find your items?
I'm not thinking about Bluetooth trackers, because sometimes people also lose expensive clothing, jewelry, etc.
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Apps to report and retrieve lost items, also company websites and social media

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 23, 2022
There are apps to report and retrieve lost items easier. They don't seem to be very popular, but they exist, here are a couple: PAAYA (the reviews are unfortunately very bad), Lifesaver - this one seems good, but has few users so far. There seems to be no truly popular app of that sort, maybe things will change in the future.
A simpler and more commonly used option is social media. Almost every company has its social media website and there is sometimes lost and found section or occasional lost and found reports in the general feed.
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A branding app and a barcode printer

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Dec 03, 2022
The oldest way to tackle this problem without tracking is branding. By branding,I mean you can label your property so that when someone else finds it, they will know it's yours. It also makes it easier to identify your own property when it gets mixed up with similar or identical objects. The simplest form is to write your name and number on most of your valuable, easy-to-lose, things.
The other way I am proposing is that one can use a barcode printer to mark their belongings such that when the barcode is scanned with a phone the barcode will lead them to a website where they can contact the owner via instant messaging until the lost item has been retrieved. An added advantage of this system is that lost objects can be retrieved without sharing contact details if you don't want to share them.
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Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov Jan 02, 2023
If you have cams working everywhere, including micro-drone ones flying all around, you will never get a thing lost for a long time.
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A personal camed and AIed drone

Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov Jan 02, 2023
If you have a personal micro-drone with a cam and AI flying around all the time, it may control the situation, including losing things, and report to you immediately through your smartphone, once you have forgotten anything. Also, it will always tell you, where you put any of your things. It may work on ChatGPT-like dialog model integrated with object-recognition and object-tracking software.
This drone may fly around for a half an hour, and then go to base for recharging, while its peer takes a shift. Then vice versa. The recharging base may be in your home or in your backpack.
You will also have to make the drone extremely low-noise, so that it create sound comfort for the owner and people around.
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