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Constant temperature protective clothing to escape the hot weather

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Jul 25, 2021
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Abnormally high temperatures continue to wreak havoc around the world. According to reports, not only Kuwait has experienced extreme high temperatures, but Russia has also been hit by heat waves, and even Canada has set a record high. Many people have to use air conditioners to cool down, and large-scale electricity consumption has caused power outages in some areas, which has caused many obstacles to people's lives. If such extreme high temperature weather continues, it will inevitably affect our travel, tourism and various outdoor sports. When we are sweating, we must be in a bad mood.
In order to better solve this phenomenon, on the one hand, we must protect the environment as soon as possible, and orderly reduce human damage to nature; on the other hand, we must protect ourselves in hot weather. Therefore, we need a cool and cool appearance. Lightweight and easy-to-wear anti-height protective clothing, it can prevent ultraviolet rays, can also cool down, and you can wear it for travel in high-temperature weather. It can be fully enclosed or semi-enclosed. The refrigeration equipment in the protective clothing must be light, it can use more efficient solar panels, and the strong sunlight in high temperature weather will become its energy source. If the energy of the protective clothing is sufficient, you can also wear protective clothing at home to reduce the use of air conditioning, save electricity and protect the environment.
Of course, what I am most looking forward to is that with the development of materials, the appearance of this high-temperature protective clothing is as light, beautiful and cheap as our daily clothes.
By the way, the most fundamental thing is to protect our earth.
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Povilas S
Povilas S Jul 25, 2021
Some cooling clothes, like these, already exist, but they surely can be improved. Your proposition to cover the clothing surface in solar panels to generate energy for cooling is good, but the solar panel technology would have to advance a bit, I think, to make them tiny and perhaps flexible as well, like an additional layer of fabric or a sort of membrane. It would be possible to use non-flexible, thin, plastic solar panels like the ones used in portable solar blankets, but to generate enough energy for cooling you might need to cover quite a big area of the robe in them and therefore such clothing might become too bulky and uncomfortable, also the system to generate cooling adds on top of that.

The clothes that collect solar energy fits to this idea. Also, the heat resistant nano-coating that Juran talks about in his idea could also be used to develop cooling clothes as I suggested in the creative contribution here.
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What can we learn from ancient middle-eastern practices?

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jul 25, 2021
This guy explains how people in his area used to keep cool. He mentions the yakhchal - a passive way to cool the basement in a hot climate. Most importantly he talks about their traditional clothing and its main purpose.
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