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dumpstercoin ( new cryptocurrency concept)

Image credit: jlmissouri.com

nanapublicbgosh Feb 08, 2021
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How old were you when you started watching dumpster diving videos? Perhaps it was a mid- life crisis, or in my case a quarter life crisis.
Everyone鈥檚 initial reaction is ewe, but seriously the expiration date is when the store cannot sell it anymore, not when you cannot eat the food. Meat in deep freeze can last 6 months to a year without becoming freezer burned.
Dumpster divers can tolerate risk. Cops could arrest them for trespassing, the food could be contaminated or spoiled, and they face public humiliation. Personally, the only dumpster diving I have done has been for cans and bottles. As I have heard stories of my grandfather doing the same thing, it is a spiritual experience for me, facing the same public humiliation that he might have.
I remember one time out in my garden, I talked to another person facing hard times making 5 dollars a day looking for bottles. I gave him these bottles that I had foraged for through the university trash cans, as I was secure in my financial life. Here is a pro tip: at community colleges and public colleges there are trash bags just for recycling. Most likely no one will stop you from picking up the bottles deposited by the whole university!
My brilliant idea is to create a cryptocurrency that is paid out to dumpster divers. In return, the host business gets environmental green credits to offset their yearly pollution and environmental impact. The dumpster divers can then sell the food that they forage for to a secondary market for more coins, thereby creating a more stable economy.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Hi nanapublicbgosh 馃枛

I wanted to reach out to let you know that I genuinely like your out-of-the-box way of thinking. Your views are appreciated (just try not to wreak havoc on the community:)

I wrote this today https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m9nfzkev-gbfhYPPi5ZvFofx8rfps-aYo6ZrVaOzC7E/edit and would love to hear your thoughts
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Manel Llad贸 Santaeularia
Manel Llad贸 Santaeularia3 years ago
Hi nanapublicbgosh , thanks for posting your idea! I think a lot of supermarkets and university campuses, in some countries, do something similar, where you can return glass bottles in exchange for coins. I think that while your idea is interesting, most of the people who would really benefit from it (i.e. homeless people or people with economic difficulties) would rather be paid in hard cash that they can use immediately instead of cryptocurrency, which is still a complex concept to understand for many people.

I do really like the concept of green credits exchanged for the recycling. Maybe this could be applied in another way?
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nanapublicbgosh3 years ago
Manel Llad贸 Santaeularia the concept doesnt need to be any more complicated than cash. You get a coin that is traded in the markets. you have the option to liquidate it or hold it in expectation of future appreciation.
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nanapublicbgosh3 years ago
Manel Llad贸 Santaeularia anyways this coon doesnt necesarily have to be dumpster diving centric. That is a little too niche. maybe eco coin instead, and other green initiatives can pay you to perform various activities with their coin
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nanapublicbgosh3 years ago
for example, s service could pay you in their coin to pull a certain invasive weed. take a picture of the pile of these weeds that you pulled, weigh the gross weight of the weeds at the end of the project, and submit it for review. apon completion, you will get a certain number of these eco coins
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