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Global Fund for Free Vaccine Development

JESUS MELERO Jul 16, 2021
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This requires resources to develop them. We propose a new global effort that brings together all the initiatives that already exist with a commitment from all countries, large companies and institutions to contribute annually to this fund.
Global laboratories, independent from private companies, are also needed for pandemic and endemic disease research and development.
Vaccines should be distributed equally to everyone. To do this, a global logistics system must be created to transport and administer vaccines throughout the planet.
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Part of the personal health insurance can go towards the fund

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Jul 16, 2021
I like the idea of the fund for the development of vaccines, @JESUS MELERO!

I think a tiny part of the personal health insurance can go towards the development of the vaccine. This way, no one needs to cash out a large chunk and bear the burden. Also, the people who have chipped in to the fund will get a free dose of the vaccine if there is a future pandemic.

As it is, the development cost of the vaccines is recovered from the sale of the vaccine doses. Therefore, contributing to the fund will be like paying for the vaccine dose in advance. If the money is collected now, it will generate sufficient interest to produce vaccines for the entire world (including those that do not have health insurance).

This will be a global fund. People from any country can contribute to it via their health insurance. The insurance companies can monitor the payments and divert the amounts to the World Health Organization or any other organization that is willing to manage the fund and release it in times of need.
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