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Household appliances for men (simple and reliable)

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Alen Žibek
Alen Žibek Aug 15, 2022
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Let me explain...After a long day, men don't want to think or make unnecessary decisions, but the housework needs to be done. Those fancy eco washing machines are expensive and often work only for two years, then some main electronic board has a shortcut and the repairs are expensive or the parts are not available so you can throw it to garbage in the end and get a new machine. How eco is this?
Example: If you think about it, we probably all use the same washing program most of the time. Then you get to choose if you like to wash in eco mode or short program, why not always eco? Why not always short? If you really think about it it's all just a fancy marketing approach to add ''value'' with the cost of a few extra programming hours.
Why not just one button? ON OFF and that's it.
The machine would weigh the clothes and extend the wash time, amount of water, the amount of fabric softener and detergent accordingly.
With turning of the button you get to chose from diferent temperatures if you want to get realy fancy. If not, it choses 40°C by default.
Someone should create a brand based on simplicity and reliability.
I think consumers would respect that big time. I know I would.
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General comments

Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain2 years ago
Why only 'men'?
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Alen Žibek
Alen Žibek 2 years ago
Subash Chapagain it's just a catchphrase because in my theory men are usually more simple-minded. 😄
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