Facebook PixelHow can visual artists survive lockdown without galleries?
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How can visual artists survive lockdown without galleries?

Andy Dent
Andy Dent Aug 26, 2020
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Many artists sell their work through galleries and stalls at outdoor faires, which are closed due to lockdown, so what are their alternatives?
Even if they have a website through which they can make some sales, how do they get people to that site?

How do they protect pictures on the site? If they show all their works then people can just download the image from the browser.

Creative contributions

Providing alternative marketing for artists via digital greeting cards.

Andy Dent
Andy Dent Aug 26, 2020
One way to provide more opportunities is being proposed by Touchgram. The messaging app will have a store in which art can be sold for direct use in messages, or combined into greeting cards. People sending cards will buy a card and customise it. The big difference from other eCards is that Touchgram is also used to play back the card, as an interactive experience. This gives two big benefits: 1. The images aren't easily available for download - they are shown on the screen in response to your actions. 2. Links to the original artist are retained. If you love the picture on a card, you can go back to learn more about the artist and possibly even order prints or canvases of their original works. Feedback What do you see wrong with this proposal? Can you think of ways to improve it, especially for artists? Do you have any other ideas for how artists can make sales during lockdown?
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Use of virtual reality

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 27, 2020
Protecting pictures on the site is difficult. However, extracting good quality images from videos is difficult too. Artists can share videos of their paintings where they talk about the paintings, and share the video for feedback and sale. If the artists have a gallery ready, they can create a virtual reality video, where the person roams through the gallery looking at the paintings, and share the video with the audience.
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The art as an investment option

jnikola Oct 20, 2020
Money, gold, cryptocurrencies or stocks, they all have the same problem - their value changes, which means it can drop and you could potentially always lose money. People say that the fine art almost never loses value and that should be the key for the art becoming a new investment option. Although it is not true and the fine art market already exists as a game for the wealthiest, it should become available for the people with smaller budgets too. If people can trade stocks and gold, why not art?!

With the development of dynamic applications and platforms for efficient search and trading, followed by new ways of value assessment with increased fidelity, this could become a new boom in the world of small investors and open the art to public.
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The Art Process Online

jnikola Sep 15, 2020
The platform where you could choose a keyword, painting style, or just pick an author and watch his piece of art coming to life (live or pretaped). During the painting process, you could see the progress and bid if you want. The final product would never be shown due to copyright policies.
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Online Platforms

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Apr 15, 2021
I know Etsy and Creative Market are two giant platforms for illustrators, designers and artists. I'm sure there are many more sites that are similar.

They are great as they protect both clients and artists, as well as giving artists great exposure to potential buyers. Their fees aren't too bad and, from what I've seen, artists are able to make a decent living on them.
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