Facebook PixelHow can we attach positive habits and goal markers to negative habits you can't shake off for net positive life improvement?
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How can we attach positive habits and goal markers to negative habits you can't shake off for net positive life improvement?

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Jan 01, 2022
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In my first year of University, My roommates and I started day drinking for fun. Later we tried to stop but couldn't. It wasn't until we created a negative reward system that we did. We started to play basketball and then drink after and then before we knew it we had all stopped drinking. On that line of thought. A friend started going to the gym so he could smoke after. He didn't stop though, however, he goes to the gym consistently and smokes significantly less.
Negative habits are a terrible but easy way to get dopamine. Starting positive but demanding habits that you have a genuine interest in is hard but once you do you get a greater "reward feeling" which offsets the need for negative dopamine chase.
  1. When trying to quit a terrible habit and slipping, It creates negative emotions driving you deeper into negative ones to try to feel good and offset those negative ones. This format makes the bat habit the less rewarding alternative
  2. Starting a new positive pattern is hard and this gives you a starting point
  3. You can't ever loose, You'll either replace the bad habit entirely or have a new positive habit that makes more fulfilled in your life.
  4. Can be used as an aid tool to help fight addiction.
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Accountability and discipline

Darryl Koh Yuan Jie
Darryl Koh Yuan Jie Jan 01, 2022
This was an interesting idea to read, I have heard about such ideas before but have not really tried them personally. A friend of mine actually did something similar where he had trouble waking up early for work. He decided to use caffeine as a source of motivation every morning, thus encouraging himself to wakeup early to enjoy his cup of coffee. Another friend was a regular smoker, who slowly transitioned to vaping in order to quit smoking though I would say in this case, it was the lesser of two evils and not really a positive habit per se. Personally, I think the key factors that make or break the habit is accountability and discipline. "Motivation may get you started, but discipline keeps you going." We are all eager to start work to improve ourselves but to be consistent is the real deal.
This article on breaking bad habits could help you in this brainstorming session! I think some pointers mentioned that are useful are how we should find friends to be help us in being accountable, reduce trigger markers and to plan for relapses.
There are many ways to go about this idea. It could be through the form of an app, where users are held accountable to the addiction they want to break by linking up with their friends, or even strangers who face a similar addiction! The app could suggest positive habits that can replace the negative ones. Streak markers can also be used to enforce discipline in commiting to the habits.
Do you think that we can come up with other solutions instead of apps or digital platforms?(Knowing that there are people who want to break free from social media addiction)
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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice2 years ago
I see, Wearable tech could come in handy, You could create an add-on linking your watch to others trying to overcome the same addiction,you could bypass social media as a whole and even make it annonymous ,the driving motivator for it all being a mutual desire for personal growth.
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Darryl Koh Yuan Jie
Darryl Koh Yuan Jie2 years ago
Contrived _voice Ah I see, perhaps it can function as an anonymous forum of sorts(kinda like reddit) so that people can support each other. Yes, I think smart watches could work as a way to get rid of our phones etc.
I actually thought of an idea, about an electronic calendar of sorts(functions alongslide an app) that allows the user to track their habits through streaks. Positive habits can be linked with negative ones and the calendar can also remind the user to enforce the given habit at certain times throughout the day or week. Perhaps, the calendar can be a home device, while the smart watch can be used when the user is out. Therefore, the user is able follow throught the habit even when he or she is out. The way it works is that the user will submit details on their habits. Eg. Bad habit - I smoke twice a day, Good habit - From now on before I smoke, I will gym first.
When the user smokes, the app will remind the user if they had work out prior to smoking. If the user constantly forgets, the app will start reminding before the user commits the bad habit. For accountability, the user can be linked to someone else who is likewise trying to kick the same habit. Encouraging motivational quotes can be sent throughout the day to convince the user to at the very least commit to both good and bad habits and hopefully kick the bad ones naturally. As time pass, the app can even simply prompt the good habits to the user, so subsequently they will forget about the bad ones. The main goal is to keep the user busy with the good habits to the point where they will not have any time for the bad ones or are too lazy to even be bothered.
Edit: While scrolling through instagram, I came across a post my Ted that I think would be useful for this project. Link. The post suggest a rule of one, where in order to get a habit of exercising, you could basically do one more minute of activity everyday. Similarly, in order to break the bad habit and let the good ones remain, we could reduce the time spent on the bad habit and increase the time spent on the good habit. There can be a timer function on the calendar or app that reminds the user on the time allocated for each habit. Overtime, without realising, there will not be any time indicated for the bad habit and the user would have kicked it for good.
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e-cigarettes connected to the step counter on your app

jnikola Jan 14, 2022
Although I am not a smoker, I had an opportunity to try the IQOS Heats e-cigarettes. They are warming, but not burning the tobacco, and therefore provide a safer smoking experience. They are also cool-looking, charge via cable, and heat at the click of a button. I see an opportunity here. Since many people are switching to e-cigarettes, we should start a company that creates software that lets you customize your e-cigarette experience and enables you to connect it with certain smartphone features.
A good way to connect your bad habit of smoking with good habits tracked by the smartphone
How would it work
People could, for example, connect their e-cigarette with their step counter and allow smoking only every 1000 steps. The e-cigarette would not respond if you are on 980 steps that day. Also, by connecting an e-cigarette to the iPhone's Do Not Disturb mode that turns on when you are in the car (or at work), the smoking could be "forbidden" when you are close to your work or in a car.
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Donating sums spent by shopaholics to charities

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Feb 05, 2022
For shopaholics, you could get an app or a bank to take the same amount of money you spend on clothes in stores with a card and donate it to a charity. It would at least give you a positive feeling of contributing to the world, not just being vain. Or even push you financially towards cutting back on spending and reserving shopping for absolute necessities.
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