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How can we create anti-paparazzi clothing?

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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Feb 08, 2022
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Creating clothing that cannot be photographed could be extremely lucrative as your clientele would consist mostly of the rich and famous. There are existing products that attempt to solve the problem of unwanted photos being taken, but these are still far from complete solutions.
People, especially celebrities, do not like to be photographed without their consent. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop people from taking photos, especially large crowds of paparazzi, or photographers who wait in hiding. So it makes sense to stop the photographs from being developed successfully since you can't stop people from taking photos.
Existing products
At the moment, products do exist (and seem to be very popular). These products are far from perfect though and only works on flash photography, and only really works if the flash is near the camera. So these products lose their effectiveness as soon as someone takes a picture without a flash or simply moves the flash away from the camera (as is common practice among paparazzi already). This is because these products work by tricking the camera into thinking it is darker, the camera then adjust according to the light and as a result the picture comes out too bright. This approach works, but limits the circumstances under which it is useful.
Possible approaches
I've been trying to find patterns or material that might jeopardize photos. Creating clothing with these patterns or materials will theoretically mean that a picture taken of someone wearing said clothing will not be of usable quality.
Possible issues
  • Having clothing that is completely photo-proof might be irritating when you do want to have your picture taken. (This will probably not be a big problem for celebrities)
  • The success of such a product might provide criminals with a sort of "invisibility cloak" for security cameras.
Do you know of a pattern or material that could serve this purpose?
Do you have another idea of how to approach the problem of having unwanted photographs taken?
Creative contributions

Portable Device that can Disrupt Light Waves

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Feb 08, 2022
Light travels in a straight line. From my knowledge of elementary physics and the first cameras, this fact is central to how photography works. However, light can be disrupted. Commonsensically, disrupting light should interfere with proper picture capturing. So, what if we could manufacture a device that celebrities and other people who are averse to pictures can carry on their person, disrupt light, and ensure paparazzi photographers can't capture their images?
I am currently researching the mechanics of this solution and will update as soon as I have more information.
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Clothes producing heat and hence wiggly air currents around one's face

Povilas S
Povilas S Feb 08, 2022
The upper part of the clothing (the area covering the chest) could be heated through small tubes or a different heating method implemented into a specialized jacket. The rising warm air would create wavy air currents in front of a person's face. For a sensitive photo camera, this might be enough to ruin the image.
However, the temperature difference between ambient air and the clothing has to be significant, so the clothing might need to be really hot for this to work and especially in hot weather this could be problematic.
The heatable part of the clothing could be thermally well insulated from a person's body so that they won't feel any heat. I'm not sure about the hot air reaching the face, though, it might also be too hot to stand in some cases. The heating element would be turned on before the anticipation of the confrontation with paparazzis and turned off right after.
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