Facebook PixelHow can we make traditional spirits interesting to younger generations of drinking age without making it a cocktail?
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How can we make traditional spirits interesting to younger generations of drinking age without making it a cocktail?

Collin Emrick Feb 26, 2023
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We all remember the first time we tried alcohol. Yuck! So what did we do? Either: 1. You decided it wasn't your thing, and passed
2. You kept drinking until you developed a tolerance for it, or 3. You resorted to cocktails I've been challenged to figure out how to make traditional spirits interesting to younger people without turning it in kool-aid. I have been trying to think about the entire ecosystem -- from bars to parties -- to find a unique solution to this problem, rather than just packaging.
Creative contributions

Information on the uniqueness of the drink and drinking rituals

Povilas S
Povilas S Feb 27, 2023
Every traditional spirit has its backstory and some interesting facts to know about. People view the drink a bit differently (with more interest) when they know more about it. Inform people in a user-friendly way (marketing brochures at the bar, barmen stories, etc.) about the traditional spirits to get them interested.
Various drinking rituals (specific drinking methods) of some of the traditional spirits (such as absinthe, sambuca, tequila, fireball, etc. ) also greatly increase people's engagement and interest. Some spirits have more interesting traditional ways of consumption than others, but almost every spirit has some unique way of consumption you can dig out by reading about its history. Those forgotten/non-popular ways can be used for present-day marketing.
There are also methods to improve the taste of the drink without turning it into a cocktail (consume it with fruits, spices, use sugar, etc.). Some of those ways are part of the traditional drinking rituals.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savica year ago
some drinking rituals for inspiration:

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Using media to manipulate folks to drink it(advertising)

Jax Hammer
Jax Hammer Apr 02, 2023
We dont want to make any changes to the spirits, nor do we want to reduce prices. All we need is a BADASS CHARACTER, it could a video where badass superhero guy drinks it while others puke it but our hero guy says only tough guys can take it; It could also be a comic character. This is manipulation and advertising in general but investing in the popularity or relativity of character ennsures the success of this approach
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Find a taste for the bitter

Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo Mar 07, 2023
From my experience I always found a taste for that bitter zip that dizzy my perception. So I was interested to know them better and that was the idea of tasting them pure as possible, then taste them as is suggested should be drinked, and finally and what it is the point of my contribution to your challenge, was to have a context of reality of how much some amount of certain liquor / spirit affect my body . It could be thought that because the user is aware of how much alcohol will ingest the user could avoid to drink it, but could be the other way around that knowing the history behind (as Povilas S indicated) and having a glance of comprehension of what is going to happen, the user could experience more interest to take the spirit in his traditional way rather than in new masked taste, retarted effect light parties (which are also fun to have them accordingly to the occasion) variations.
Give the user information of how much alcohol will ingest per unit of time, and what is that about, why was it done before and so, you may find a way to know why to take them nowadays.

[1]alcohol change UK, https://alcoholchange.org.uk/alcohol-facts/interactive-tools/unit-calculator

[2]Drink aware, https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/tools/unit-and-calorie-calculator

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