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Intentionally wrong pin feature to notify your banking service that you are being forced to make this transaction

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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Apr 10, 2022
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Imagine you are being mugged and the criminals demanded you transfer money to them. If you argue, you might lose your life and if you agree you lose the money you worked for. Now imagine a feature where if you write your pin in reverse, the banking service receives the money instead and then they send a message to the criminals of a complete transaction. Then after an hour, once you are out of harm's way they follow up to determine what transpired.
  • Some parts of the world have mobile banking, criminals use Id cards they pick up at lost and found boxes in train stations and bus stops to register accounts which they then use to receive money. Since they have a lot of them, by the time you report them the money has already been transferred to a different account and that one closed.
How it works
When you register account information, you also provide a distress transaction password, it couldn't be the same for everyone as that would be too obvious and get you killed. The default recommendation would be your actual password but in reverse. Now once you use it, the bank completes the transaction with itself as the recipient but sends due notification to the party that was supposed to receive it. After a while, it reports the situation to relevant authorities and they follow it up from there. If your life was not in danger and the idea was to use it to defraud someone, you then get charged with fraud. That would serve as a deterrent to misuse.
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pin in reverse

reverse pin Apr 26, 2022
like the feature, but once criminals know of this feature they know your real pin too
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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice2 years ago
Not really, they won't know they've been duped until it's done and you are safe. You can reset the pin right after. Plus most thieves just ask you to transfer the money yourself so they never see the actual pin number.
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