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Invent a system that prevents cold shock in the first second after turning water on

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Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov May 07, 2022
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Come up with such showers and taps for the bathroom so that hot water comes at the right temperature as soon as you turn it on, and not so that you have to wait until it heats up – until warm water reaches through the pipes. Water stands still in the tube cooling down until you turn it on. Otherwise, a human gets a cold shock in the first 5-40 seconds (depending on the system) after one turned the water on.
Experienced people do not enter under the shower until they make sure the water is of right temperature. But this takes 5-40 seconds time each time to wait until water gets warm enough.
Especially actual this problem is for private houses, where the boiler may be quite on a distance from the shower and the tap. The 40 seconds may be quite real waiting time.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic May 07, 2022
The cold shock might be beneficial. I make use of it against my will. I hate the feeling but consider it a "wake up" call for my cells to start doing their job right.
I know of at least 2 existing solutions:
  • There are ways of routing your plumbing to run on a circular loop through the water heater. Once every X minutes, a small pump turns on and cycles the water in your pipes through the boiler. That way you can keep the hot water line as hot as you like. If you want to lose less energy you have to insulate the hot water pipes. Otherwise, you would be practically heating your house with them. Anyway, this solution makes warm water come on in the shower after a few seconds. If you want to make such a system more energy-efficient, you can program the cycling to run only around the times when you usually need hot water.
  • If that is not enough, there are heated electric showerheads. I found one on Amazon that uses 5400W to heat the water instantly as you turn it on.
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Simon Yu
Simon Yu2 years ago
Hot water recirculating pump already exist. I have it installed in 15 min. all done. Or you can use a IOT switch which connects to your WiFI at a press of your cellphone have hot water instantlly. No waiting and min waste of cold water.
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