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Physical activities that get you high without damaging your body in the long run

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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 07, 2021
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The runner's high is a feeling of euphoria that one feels when they perform rigorous exercises like running or aerobics. If you ever did so much exercise that it felt more pleasant to continue exercising than to stop and rest, then you may have experienced the runner's high. This type of highness occurs because some of the physiological changes that happen when one runs a lot are similar to the effect of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. The main idea here is to replace addiction to hard drugs with addiction to exercise. The challenge with this approach is that the runner's high can only be attained after the person develops enough stamina and skill to feel somewhat comfortable after exercising for long periods. Medical procedures that can reduce the amount of time and effort that it takes to reach that level of highness can be worked on too. This will result in a society of addicts that is not just mentally healthier but more physically fit. This can be used to make the rehabilitation of drug addicts take less time. Another physical activity that can make one high is spinning your body. If you turn in the same direction to spin yourself enough times, you will feel dizzy. This type of dizziness can be felt when one takes a lot of alcohol too. Blood doping is a practice that has been banned by the International Olympics sports committee and similar sport organizations. In blood doping, the athlete's abilities are boosted by making his blood take more oxygen to his muscles. There is a type of blood doping where the athlete's blood is drawn and stored for later use. This type of doping is called autologous doping. Like the other activities mentioned, it does not involve the use of any foreign or illegal materials but can be used to achieve highness. A similar thing may be achieved to a lesser extent by a set of poses and movements that affects the amount of blood in different body parts. The movements can make the person's blood to be concentrated on one body part so that there is a feeling of euphoria when the blood flow becomes normal. The aim of this session is to come up with more activities that can give a feeling of highness without having to take illegal drugs.
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Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 14, 2021
Listening to music (It's not so much of a physical activity, but it can get you real high if the music is right).

Dancing (Listening to music+physical exercise. Especially dancing to electronic dance music in a club or an open-air party with a proper sound system and fellow ravers can effectively bring you into euphoric states comparable to those experienced from drugs).

Bathing/swimming in cold water gives a slight (or harsh, depending on the temperature) shock to your body which makes you feel awake and alert, energized after.

Sex (obviously)

Walking in nature
Fast driving or riding various vehicles
Various extreme sports
Putting yourself into dangerous/challenging situations


(extend the list in the comments section)

PS: Even though getting high through other means than drugs might seem way better than using drugs, actually the difference is not that big, you simply get high on endogenous biochemicals to which the body also develops tolerance, so the principle is similar. That's why the talks about addiction to sex and the term "adrenaline junkies" are not trivial at all.
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