Facebook PixelRail-based system for moving wall-mounted TV between mezzanine floors
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Rail-based system for moving wall-mounted TV between mezzanine floors

Image credit: https://www.homedit.com/modern-loft-remodel/ and edited

Povilas S
Povilas S Dec 05, 2022
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A simple mechanical system to move wall-mounted TV from the base floor to the mezzanine and back in loft apartments.
  • Watch TV on whichever floor you are, no need to buy two separate ones and no need to stick to only one floor for entertainment.
  • In loft apartments, there's often a bedroom on the mezzanine floor and a living room and kitchen on the base floor - people love to watch TV in all of those places.
  • A lack of a facade wall on the mezzanine floor creates a perfect opportunity for installing such a system.
  • Loft apartments are getting popular as the central area of big cities expands and various industrial buildings are getting turned into living spaces. They are a new trend in some cities, like Vilnius, where I live. A company that installs such systems could therefore be a successful startup.
How it works:
A TV moves on a diagonal rail mounted on a wall. A stable, horizontal orientation of the screen is fixed as it moves along the diagonal. Depending on the exact setting of the apartment the rail might bend horizontally in the mezzanine to move the screen to the most convenient position for watching:
For aesthetic purposes, there might only be a thin slit in the wall through which a pole holding the TV is put out and the whole mechanism is hidden in the wall under the stucco.
The power as well as other cables (if there are any) required to connect to the TV are rolled on a reel which loosens and rolls back the cable(s) as the TV moves. This could also be solved by using sliding electrical contacts or by using two separate cable sources and automatically connecting the TV once is fixed in place up or down.
The user activates the system with a remote control.
Creative contributions

TV WALL BOX to solve wires

Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo Dec 10, 2022
Wall mounted TV could be mounted on a designed wall box, which attached on target position (mezzanine, base floor and desired working positions), by doing so, the TV could be wired connected to the wall box, on power cables and signal inputs, and the wall box plugs into the receiving frames located on target positions, which have also wired connected TV signals. When the wall box carrying the TV reaches the target position it plugs the required signals.
This mechanism solves the problem of transporting TV cables.
For the rail system, a viable starting point could be something similar to the chair stairs mechanism. This allows the startup company to solve the product installation and focus on the TV wall BOX car and frame; One problem at a time.
Once the TV WALL BOX is totally developed enhancements could be searched on the rail mechanism by allowing a freer movement on loft walls.
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