Facebook PixelRecycling and processing all kinds of garbage to promote harmony between man and nature
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Recycling and processing all kinds of garbage to promote harmony between man and nature

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 08, 2021
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Recycling and processing all kinds of garbage to promote harmony between man and nature
Since the development of industry, mankind has produced a large number of industrial products, the types and quantities of industrial waste have been increasing, and industrial pollution incidents have also occurred from time to time, posing a huge threat to environmental safety and human health. Industrial waste includes waste plastic products, electronic supplies, construction waste, etc. Industrial waste can become industrial raw materials or energy after proper process treatment, and it is easy to realize resource utilization. Some industrial wastes have been made into a variety of products, such as cement, concrete aggregates, bricks, fibers, cast stone and other building materials; extraction of metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, and vanadium, uranium, germanium, and molybdenum Rare metals such as, scandium and titanium; manufacturing fertilizers, soil amendments, etc.

At present, mankind has produced a large amount of industrial waste, but in order to meet the economic development, a large number of new products are still being manufactured continuously. I think it is time to treat industrial waste products and rationally use untreated industrial waste. Just like this time, the Tokyo Olympic Committee used 30 tons of electronic waste to make medals for this Olympics.

So my thoughts are:

For producers, on the one hand, they must recycle the waste that has been produced as much as possible to turn waste into treasure; on the other hand, upgrade industrial production materials and establish a complete set of industrial production, sales and recycling systems. , Forming a cycle, alleviating the behavior of human over-exploitation of the earth.
For consumers, consumers buy more biodegradable products, prompting factories to manufacture biodegradable products.


Use existing industrial products and industrial waste to develop a society in which man and nature live in harmony, reduce industrial raw materials produced from raw materials such as petroleum and coal, and increase the proportion of industrial raw materials produced from waste waste.
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