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Refugee pull-out bus force formed by nations that are friendly to both sides in a conflict

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 03, 2022
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Several nations that are friendly to both sides at war create a bus force to pull out a maximum number of refugees from the conflict zone.
I have a few friends in Ukraine. They want to leave Kyiv but can't for the following reasons:
  • With a car it's dangerous. Without a car, the train is the only way out. To get onto a train it takes about 2 days of queuing at the station. The same station that was recently hit.
  • There are conflicting reports about people getting out fine vs. people not being let to leave their apartment areas.
Why this idea should work:
  • Neither side would/should endanger the buses that are operated by friendly countries.
  • Both sides can agree to pause fighting during times when the busses are going in/out of the warzone.
  • If people are being prevented from boarding the busses this would at least be seen/reported by the friendly bus crews.
How it works
2 or 3 countries that are friendly to both sides at war get behind this project. For example Serbia, Brazil, and India are friendly to both Ukraine and Russia.
All of them combined contribute a force of bus drivers. Initially I thought it would be ideal if the same countries also brought their own busses. However, India and Brazil are too far while there aren't many other really friendly/neutral countries near Ukraine.
So the buses are provided by other nearby countries while the bus driver crews come from friendly countries. Each bus is operated by 3-person crews. One from each of the 3 friendly countries. Each bus gets a big white flag with a logo representing the project. The project is heavily publicized to both sides so that everyone recognizes the buses when they see them.
On the border of the warzone erect temporary refugee centers and re-fueling stations. Drive in/out all day every day until all civilians are out of the warzone. The 3-person crews can take shifts. One sleeps, one drives, one helps the passengers. Then they switch, 24 hours per day.
Even one friendly country could do this but there might be individuals that dislike it and could endanger the mission. For this reason 3 friendly countries combined feels safer.
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