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Reinvent defecation to keep the anus clean

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Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov May 24, 2022
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Reinvent defecation process so that one doesn't have to wipe or wash the anus. Suppose, one defecates once a day, and wiping/washing takes 1-2 minutes, one will spend 20-40 days of his/her life solely for wiping his/her ass. Each year humanity spends about 50 000 full human life-spans for wiping or washing asses after defecation! This is about an average town busy solely by wiping their asses all their life 24/7! This also may give birth to a new commercially interesting product.
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A device isolating anus from faecal masses

Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov May 24, 2022
A special simple device, tightly entering to anus. The faecal masses will go through it, without making the anus dirty. This will be like additional artificial skin. Washing the device may be automatic. You just take it out of your ass and kick it to a washing machine.
Alternatively, it may be disposable. You enter it to your ass before defecating, then you remove it and through it away in the trash bin. Of course, it must be made of some material, friendly to the environment, and mucosa / microflora of anus.
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