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Retractable cup that can boil water

Image credit: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2018/08/28/20/21/jug-3638398__340.jpg

Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 03, 2021
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Clean water is an important resource for long-term outings. It is necessary to be able to drink clean water during business trips, outdoor trips, and wild adventures. However, we may encounter the following situations: On the one hand, after arriving at the hotel on a business trip, you may find that the hotel’s hot water kettle is not clean; On the one hand, many people have completely consumed the water they carried after long-term travel and field exploration. Therefore, finding clean water has become a top priority.

A retractable and portable water dispenser can solve this problem. It looks like a thermos cup. In order to save the limited space of the suitcase, it must be small, light and easy to carry. The water-filled part can be stretched. The cup is stretched during use, and the water-filled part is compressed during storage. The hot water device and the electrical connection device are placed at the bottom of the cup. When used indoors, it can be directly connected to the power supply. when used outdoors, it can also be connected to solar cells. The user can set the temperature of the hot water, whether it is making tea or coffee and so on.

When using this creative retractable portable water dispenser, fill the cup with the water that needs to be heated, press the switch after powering on, and it only takes a few seconds to produce hot water, which saves time and effort.
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