Facebook PixelSmart water bottle that forces you to drink water at fixed time intervals by shaking/vibrating vigorously
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Smart water bottle that forces you to drink water at fixed time intervals by shaking/vibrating vigorously

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Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal Dec 03, 2022
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I find it difficult to meet my daily water intake goals and available solutions on the market like smartwatch and smartphone reminders are too easy to ignore. This is the reason why I came up with this idea.
Smart water bottle that forces you to drink water at fixed time intervals by shaking/vibrating vigorously.
How it works:
A smart water bottle that forces people to drink water at fixed time intervals throughout the day by making use of the following features:
  • Shaking vigorously and continuously when its time to drink water,
  • Once triggered the bottle does not stop shaking until there is significant decrease in the level of water in the bottle (I believe there would be very few people who would go through the trouble of getting up to dispose off the water instead of just gulping it down),
  • Once the bottle becomes empty during the course of the day, the smart bottle sends automated message to your phone every 10 minutes, reminding you to fill it up again. Based on how aggressively you want to be reminded, you can also opt for options like a blaring siren alarm ringing feature till you fill it up (not recommended if you are working from office or if you are in a public place, but works well if you are working from your couch at home).
  • Settings that allow you to set a pre-programmed mode based on your location (For e.g. home mode would allow the bottle to be more aggressive in forcing you to take action but not so much on office mode etc.)
  • Inbuilt tracker to detect your location (e.g. home, office, your usual commute route etc.) to help calibrate what mode should the smart bottle be operating on.
  • Perfect for people who are not encouraged to take action and drink water simply by a mere “Its time to drink water” message that shows up on their smartphone or smartwatch. It could help people who want to build water drinking habits but are not easily motivated to take action unless they are forced to do so.
  • Perfect for procrastinators and people who religiously hit snooze on their morning alarm.
Creative contributions

Water on demand with smart bottles

Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo Dec 04, 2022
Considering how it works your proposed idea, the smart water bottle can be enhanced with adequate electronics in order to sense how much water the user drank, share that info with the body consumption measured through a smartwatch or similar device, computing the water consumption through your smartphone which then activates the bottle alarm. In a way that the alarm of the bottle isn’t triggered just by time, but by body consumption.
Water needs could vary based on activity and seasons. It could be more catchy the end product if it helps the user to improve their habits on water intake needs and awareness of such benefits.
Intellectual activities demand water intake too, so tracking location and body health sensing through wearables, could improve how the smart bottle will work if it is at home, office or other teached spaces.
One thing that makes this bottle more persuasive to use, is that because it measures how much water the user drank, and has at disposal the complementary information described above, it can suggest based on the water sipping, when the next drink should be needed.
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Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal2 years ago
Marco Agudelo This is an interesting proposition wherein the bottle instead of simply ensuring that an average person's water needs are met, caters to one's specific water goals by communicating with a smartwatch/smartphone. This feature, in addition to the proposed idea would allow for a personalized experience which not only takes care of an individual's specific water goals but allows room for programming modes personalized for them that they believe would force them to act.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
Maybe also connect it with your fitness tracker to more precisely and automatically estimate the water level in your body (based on exercise and sweating) and adjust the water drinking schedule appropriately.
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Water bottle paired with a ring

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 05, 2022
There are devices such as this ring, which could be paired with the water bottle. The ring would give off a vibration pulse to remind the wearer when it's time to drink some water. The water bottle cap could have an integrated Bluetooth module that communicates with the ring. The ring would keep giving off 1 vibration pulse every minute until the wearer touches/moves the water bottle.
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Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal2 years ago
I like this idea! Having a ring that vibrates could be useful in cases when you do not want to draw attention from the public, such as in office or on your daily commute. The vibration would still be annoying enought for one to take action to stop it from going on. I think instead of the ring vibrating just till the water bottle is moved/touched, it would be better to retain the vibration feature till the water level in the bottle goes down. This would prevent people from just touching/moving the bottle to stop the ring from vibrating and ensure that they drink out of the bottle as well.
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
Maybe you can check out this water bottle. I read that it lets you know when the lid is securely closed by vibrating once, alerts you that the lid is open by vibrating three times and if you haven’t been drinking water for over an hour, it vibrates six times. However, the other features that you mentioned, such as refill notification and notification based on location are great!
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Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal2 years ago
J. Nikola This indeed comes close to my idea. However, I think the key differentiator here becomes that the Ozmo bottle simply sends a notification (in the form of vibration(s)) to the user when they haven't had water in a while, whereas in the idea I suggested, the bottle continues to annoyingly vibrate/shake till the water level in the bottle goes down. I believe that once a person uses the bottle a couple of times, it would work like Pavlovian conditioning wherein the moment the bottle starts to vibrate (or the user anticipates that the bottle is going to start vibrating), they would immediately reach for the bottle and drink out of it to prevent the annoyance. Apart from this, the refill notification is a fail safe that would ensure that the user also takes the pain of refilling their bottle periodically.
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