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The need for imposter students

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nanapublicbgosh Feb 15, 2021
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A few problems to consider

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 15, 2021
Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni11 days ago
Darko Savic I had the exact same question. Usually, those who benefit the most pay the most. Here, the students will benefit and they should pay for the extra motivation they get from the actor students. However, if they are paying more, they will surely know how this extra money is spent. If they get to know about the imposters, the whole operation will be a failure, just like you mentioned.
Juran14 days ago
Darko Savic What if it doesn't need funding? If the actor is not an actor, but a regular guy/girl who was thought to be ambitious through workshops, additional classes, and projects (in almost every class you have someone like this)? Instead of an actor's salary, he could receive scholarships. What do you nanapublicbgosh think on this?
It seems that we have a few examples of this already. What difference would it make if he/she is an actor?

And would it be better to hire an actor professor instead? Or just teach selected teachers and professors the managerial and soft skills? They could be motivated to continue learning, improving themselves, and also organize the classes in a more productive and dynamic way.
nanapublicbgosh14 days ago
Hi darko. Can you enable Basic Attention Token compatibility for this website? Just like Reddit?

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