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Tool to automatically screenshot and collage news headlines for a selected topic

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Dec 14, 2022
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An online tool that would screen grab and then collage together headlines that different news sites used for a topic or an event.
  • Effectively illustrate the differences in how various media houses report on the same issue. Suitable for viral social media sharing.
  • Exhibit how the media's narrative on the subject changes over time by easily revisiting the same topic.
  • As a newsletter feature. See which angle of exploring the event most interests you.
  • Make it easier for journalists to depict the general reception of an event in a different country. E.g. how did Spanish media react to their elimination from the World Cup?
How it works:
You enter a keyword or keywords and then select the news sites you want to include. Be it The Guardian, Fox, CNN, RT...
Then the tool lines up the headlines in an image, each also showing the logo of the media house it was published on. You get to pick the layout, whether it's landscape or portrait. More in line than the collage used in the photo.
The keyword input box would be helped by the autocomplete feeding from what's trending on Google/Twitter. The tool would pick the most visited page consisting the keyword from each of the sites.
There could be a filter for picking the specialized sites regarding topics like "sports" or "politics" and based on country or state.
The automatic timeframe for the screenshots is the last day, but you can also select the particular date you want.
Deeper reasoning:
Big media houses are now primarily propaganda weapons, and this tool could illustrate that in a quick manner by pitting vessels of each sides of the conflict on the same image.
It's also a quick and easy way to keep the media houses accountable to their predictions from months or years back. Degrading what's remaining of their authority and open spaces for new, more free, indenpendent media.
The tool can also automatize press clipping done for embassies or other political or business actors.
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The system chooses news sources for you automatically as a default option

Povilas S
Povilas S Dec 16, 2022
I'd suggest making the function more automatic, that is - making the initial selection of the news sources optional. In the "by default" option you'd type the topic and the system would automatically output headlines from different sources. You'd then select those you favor the most and they'd be included in the final collage.
There should be a possibility to prioritize the output results according to the popularity of the article/news source, date of publishing, etc. - the system would then output the newest, most popular, etc. headlines first. You might also indicate only specific news sources to extract the headlines from - that's the option you initially suggested as default.
In some cases, if the topic is new or not that popular, there might be only a limited number of sources talking about it, so the system would output all the available ones in a collage automatically. If there was an excess then it would let you choose which ones you want to include.
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