Facebook PixelTV filter that fact-checks the news in real-time and alerts you of falsehoods
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TV filter that fact-checks the news in real-time and alerts you of falsehoods

Image credit: Image by ooceey from Pixabay

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic Mar 12, 2022
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An AI program that fact-checks the news in real-time and raises an exclamation mark on the screen when statements and facts don't coincide.
  • Consume the truth, not propaganda
  • Base decisions upon rationale and avoid fearmongering
  • Identify reliable news sources
How it works
An AI program processes everything anchors announce and matches statements and videos to its database, consisting of academic studies, certified reports, approvals by credited organizations, science and video footage.
When the program detects that the anchor's statement or video contradict the truth, it raises an exclamation mark at the bottom of the screen. With your remote, you click the alert, and the program fills your screen with the truth.
The program stores all the incorrect statements in the history section and groups them according to news outlets for you to access.
It can be a subscription-based program that you active on TV, mobile devices and computer. The program can identify falsehoods/incorrect statements in online articles and highlights them. You click the highlighted part to receive the truth.
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
It deals with the same problem described and discussed here, but in real-time, which makes it significantly harder.
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