Facebook PixelUsing CRISPR gene editing to improve the state of gastrointestinal microbiomes to slow down the effects of obesity, diabetes and improve general well-being
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Using CRISPR gene editing to improve the state of gastrointestinal microbiomes to slow down the effects of obesity, diabetes and improve general well-being

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Contrived _voice Dec 26, 2021
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Our dietary habits have a heavy impact on our health. Our gut microbiomes too play a role in how the food we eat is absorbed in the body .It is worth mentioning that obesity and diabetes have a genetic factor meaning some people are more predisposed to getting overweight than others. CRISPR gene technology could be used in theory to correct this, however due to ethical considerations, affecting change in the human genome is still a little far off.
It has already been proven than transplanting gut bacteria from one person to another produces a significant change in well being, so the idea is based on solid science. It is also observed that depending on the type of bacteria in your gut your eating habits are affected through the enteric nervous system (ENS). A more diverse microbiome is better for your health but eating a high fat diet lowers the diversity causing an increased urge to eat more high fat food (Influence of diet on the gut microbiome and implications for human health). This is a negative but self sustaining loop. Changing your diet could reverse the process but that requires long-term changes in diet and alot of people struggle with it. A suggestion is to make the bacteria responsible for the breakdown of fatty foods less viral. Reducing their rate of multiplication and consequently thier total number in the gut means less fats are able to be absorbed by the body which is good for your health. Also making vegetarian diet favoring bacteria more hardier means thier total number in the gut will always be high enough to affect change in your dietary habits. Making useful bacteria that do not naturally exist in the gut able to do so could also open up newer and healthier food options for us as well as help combat malnutrition in young infacts. The idea could take time to implement but once started it too could be self sustaining. As an added benefit It's entirely organic. Once better bacteria are introduced into the gut they will out compete and replace the old ones.
  1. Reduce risk of diabetes
  2. Aid digestion
  3. Eromote healthier eating habits
  4. Eliminate food intolerances
  5. Reduce wastage of food
  6. Fight malnutrition
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