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Vibrating bed that forces you to get out of it on time

Image credit: https://www.istockphoto.com/illustrations/cant-get-out-of-bed

Povilas S
Povilas S Dec 09, 2022
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A bed that vibrates annoyingly instead of an alarm clock to force you to get out of it. It only stops vibrating after you got out and continues vibrating if you lied down again. The concept is similar to this idea.
  • Build a habit to get out of bed immediately after waking up instead of setting 10 alarm clocks and turning them all off in the end.
  • Eliminate the habit of lying in bed for a long time after waking up - more daytime for doing productive things.
  • There are bed shakers - vibrating alarm clocks that can be placed under your pillow or mattress to wake you up by vibrations instead of sound. They might be effective at waking the person up, but not at keeping them awake after that. That's what my idea is targeting.
How it works:
The bed would sense your weight and vibrate until you got out of it. If you lay down again it would continue vibrating. The function would only get deactivated after an hour or so, depending on the settings. There should be a "no turning back" function in the settings where once you set the bed to vibrate for, say, an hour after the desired wake-up time there would be no way to change that. The only way to turn the vibration off would be to get out of it.
You could only change the setting after 24 hours, a week, or so. The bed should have a battery that would be sealed inside it and couldn't be easily removed to stop the vibration. Once you charged the bed and set the alarm there is no turning back unless you want to break it or sleep on the floor.
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General comments

jnikolaa year ago
Cool idea! I think adapting some of the technologies like this bed, this vibrational pad, full body massage pad, or something like you already mentioned this should not be so hard to make it work continuously until you get out of bed. Also one fun example :D
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