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What is an efficient way to get more effective information?

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Jul 28, 2021
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In such an era of information explosion, how can we efficiently and quickly extract the information we want from numerous surface information or phenomena. We have many types of information libraries, such as libraries, which is a typical information library. Over time, the amount of various information is also exploding. When people look up information, there is too much useless information that prevents us from looking for really effective information.

There are many ways to save us the time to obtain effective information:
(1) Search accurately by keywords instead of browsing the immediate content being pushed
(2) Obtain the original information through efficient practical operation and analyze the information
(3) Ask others and learn from the information that others have refined
(4) Cooperating with others to share information
(5) Browse other people's analysis articles or videos of something
However, the above-mentioned traditional methods still have some problems, such as insufficient efficiency and large range restrictions.I agree with one thing: If we encounter problems in work and life, it is probably because we lack some kind of information. Knowing more effective information will effectively improve our ability to solve anything.Maybe it’s more effective to use artificial intelligence to retrieve information and analyze it, just like Iron Man’s F.R.I.D.A.Y(Female Replacement Intelligent Digital Assistant Youth), but it still has a long way to go.
Compared with the team, the power of the individual is still small. If we can classify and integrate the information collected in the field of study in a database, will it be possible to obtain the required information more efficiently if we call it whenever we need it?
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How to organize and absorb high-quality and disorganized information

Deru Xu
Deru Xu Jul 30, 2021
1.Collect information related to your field.

For example, the information you want to collect is about medical care, and the scope of information collected should be mainly in the medical field, not information in the field of construction. Before collecting information, we must realize that the information is endless. It is impossible for us to collect all the information. Our ultimate goal is only to solve related problems. Maybe we can solve the problem with very little information. What is the problem? Find the key information. The key information is hidden in a large amount of high-quality and mottled information. Therefore, what we have to do in the first stage is to collect as much information in the relevant fields as possible in a limited time.

(1) The thinking when collecting information should not be restricted, because our collation and analysis of any information is not an independent analysis. If you want to know the cause and effect of each message, you can't just look at the main message itself.
(2) Preliminary classification of the collected information should be carried out when collecting information.

2. Filter effective information.

As mentioned above, the key information may only exist in a small part. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary screening of the information, and eliminate obviously useless information. In this process, the filtered information should be marked for relevance according to its relevance to the main information. The process of screening information is a complex and lengthy work. We may mistakenly delete the correct key points. Therefore, in the process of analyzing information, the validity of the information may change at any time.
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