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A door with an electronic display

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@candjstudios

Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 20, 2021
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If there is no reminder, sometimes I forget to bring my belongings when I go out. For example, the weather forecast shows that it is raining that day, but I walk in a hurry so that I forget to bring an umbrella. Therefore, if we can be reminded in time, we no longer have to worry about forgetting to carry a certain item.

My idea is to install a display and player on the door of the house, which is equivalent to a big memo. It can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. After the connection is successful, the user can enter the content that needs to be reminded on the mobile phone. The area of the display screen must be large enough so that the user can read the reminder information on the display screen before traveling. When the user opens the door to go out, the door can also be voiced to remind people that they need to bring things when they go out.
Creative contributions

An app could be simpler

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Aug 23, 2021
A geolocation-based phone app could run in the background and detect when you are leaving your home (or local wifi network). The app would turn on an audio reminder + display on-screen the items you should check for.
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Synced with phone and smart bag, with smartwatch vibrations, animated door text and potential siren to never miss urgent or emergency information

salemandreus Aug 26, 2021
This is so you actually do check the door notifications rather than simply pushing through when in a hurry or assuming you have everything you need and have checked all relevant notifications when in a hurry, and could also allow syncing with multiple devices. The benefits of a watch are that it's easier and quicker to check than a phone and easier to feel it if it vibrates so you don't even have to take it out of your pocket. The smart door display would be easier still, but here you would also benefit from the haptic feedback from the watch before you leave the house, if there are important notifications to check.
The combination of the instant feedback from the phone or stronger vibration from the watch, while you are at the door, means it's quick and easy to glance at the door rather than digging for a phone or even waiting for your watch to wake up and potentially scrolling in either case. You are therefore less tempted to stop when in a hurry to ignore notifications if you have too many, and making that assumption that you already know what the notification is for rather than risk being late or missing a bus by unlocking your phone and scrolling through notifications that may be less important before you can even see the specific text. For an example of this multi-device sync, aside from the watch also sharing your phone's location-based reminders, as @Samuel Bello mentioned, this could go well with other smart devices and wearables like the weighted bag, if it was a smart bag that contained highly sensitive electronic sensors to also help you know if you've forgotten your keys, wallet and other items.
This would work potentially similarly to the way sensors in the smart water bottle by Bellabeat track your water consumption and sync to an app).
This way if it is your watch or bag or phone that is forgotten you also have reduncancy in the notifications (since your phone can't alert you if you've forgotten to put it in your pocket!)

In the case of forgetting something, the watch could then make you aware through special vibrations which so correspond to text on the door.

This could apply to other crucial notifications or reminders you might not have been able to pre-schedule yourself (and therefore think it safe to ignore), such as new information like Google sending you a severe weather warning when you're about to drive to work, or display the text on the door of a coworker from a specific work group sending you a request to bring something for a presentation.
More crucial and urgent or information such as the weather warnings could give extra bright/animated text on your door. Given potentially multiple notifications compete for space in the attention economy, having these different ways of prioritising more important/urgent types of notifications into the type that would show up on your door and get a particularly strong watch vibration or loud warning siren from your house if ignored, for example, will become more and more relevant in dealing with big data and determining which notifications are most crucial for us to adhere to first. Potentially, your door screen could also animate that you are receiving a phonecall from a prioritised number, so if your relative is calling you regarding an emergency and you were just about to walk out to the store without your phone or had your phone on silent or off, you will DEFINITELY get notified if you are at home, or else see a prioritised/animated missed call/messages notification when you do reach the door if you somehow slept through it or got home late, rather than relying on your phone and/or smart watch which may be off/ on silent /charging and would be less obvious than brightly animated door text.
A tool like this would be particularly useful for a person who is partially sighted and struggles to see smaller screens or who is deaf or hard-of-hearing and would benefit from more visual notifications rather than sound to ensure they didn't miss something crucial if they do not have their phone in their pocket while at home to feel the vibration.
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Extra functionalities for Door Electronic Display

Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia Aug 23, 2021
What if we took this idea and improved upon it by adding other functionalities to the door display? If it was a screen, it could be used also to display what is outside the door when someone rings the doorbell. The small screens used nowadays are normally not very good and it's sometimes hard to even identify who is outside. A bigger screen on the door would be a better option. This screen could also display the weather forecast in case you forgot to check it before getting out. Seeing it on the door could remind you of getting your umbrella or your scarf, or simply change outfit before going out.

It could also have a mirror function. Everyone looks at themselves in the mirror before leaving the house. Why not couple that with the screen and have it be one thing? It would reduce the use of space and, if the system worked with a camera, you could even take a selfie before going out (for the people who are into that).

Can we come up with other functionalities that could be added to the door electronic display?
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General comments

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
If the items that the user wants to be reminded about can be inputted from their mobile phone, why can't the output, namely, the reminder display, be shown from the phone too? The regular reminders that come with phones can be set up. More intelligent reminders, for example, reminders that are associated with a location or conditional events can be set up with the mobile device's voice assistant. If it is just for a reminder, installing displays on a door do not seem to be worth the effort or cost.

Additionally, the things that the user is supposed to be reminded about can be displayed on the user's live wallpapers and themes.
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Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia3 years ago
Samuel Bello Because most people are not looking at their phone when they are getting ready to get out of the house. Because they are carrying several things or because they put their phone in their pocket/bag before they go out. I think the door display would be a good way to avoid forgetting things. It could also be improved with extra functionalities.
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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
Manel Lladó Santaeularia I understand what you are saying but a phone can be set to give reminders that are not only based on time but on location too. They can be set to notify their owner based on weather or other variables. That way the phone can remind its owner of any items that could have been forgotten before, or as soon as, they leave their house. They can also remind the user when they go to places that do not have doors.

Putting a display on a door just because one is not always looking at their phone does not feel practical most houses have more than one exit, would the reminder be fixed on all doors?
When visitors come around or when there is more than one occupant, how does the door differentiate between the occupants?
In the above mentioned situation, would the door display everyone's reminders at once and compromise privacy?

I believe it is safe to assume that people would look more at their phones than their doors even if their doors were fitted with displays that serve as reminders.
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salemandreus3 years ago
Manel Lladó Santaeularia I added a CC which takes this into account, looks like we were on the same page there!
Samuel Bello my CC involves combining multiple devices - specifically listed smart bag for tracking forgotten items and smart watch for stronger (and another source of) haptic feedback notifications- that ultimately all sync with your phone because why have one when you can have multiple, especially for something as important as notifications or not forgetting something before you go out the door! Also this way whether it's your phone or your smart watch that you forgot to bring, you still get reminded! 😉
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