Facebook PixelThe staff of the scenic spot set up electronic display boards in the scenic spot for tourists to write and leave a memorial
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The staff of the scenic spot set up electronic display boards in the scenic spot for tourists to write and leave a memorial

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 07, 2021
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I have noticed a phenomenon that some people like to engrave their names in the scenic spot and write "Visit here" when they travel to a scenic spot. I know they want to tell others that they have been here and have left their mark. However, this kind of engraving in the scenic spot is bound to destroy the facilities in the scenic spot, such as cultural relics and stone tablets. This is a bad behavior. When we enjoy the beauty of nature, we must also pay attention to the harmony between man and nature. We should take our own responsibilities and protect the announcement facilities in the scenic spots.

Simply prohibiting tourists from engraving in the attractions sometimes does not have a good effect. Therefore, the scenic spot can be equipped with a touchable electronic display screen in a place with a lot of lettering. Visitors can write on this kind of exhibition board when passing here, and even upload photos and their impressions of visiting scenic spots. This will not only satisfy the wishes of the people who engrave souvenirs, but will not spoil the beauty of the scenic spots.
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General comments

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
I believe the same problem can be solved by creating a social media post. You take pictures at the "scenic spot" and upload them to the internet where the whole world can see them at all times. It feels more logical than letting people engrave their names at the scenic spots.

Sometimes people simply want to engrave their names at the scenic spot; they do not want any substitutes. In such cases, provisions can be made for the engravements. For example, stone tablets can be carved just for that purpose. That way the artifacts are left untouched. Engravements or not, museums and tourist attractions usually have curators that keep the visitors in check so that they do not damage the artifacts.

Lastly, the most popular tourist centers can be visited by thousands of people in a year. A few screens will not be enough to display all their names at the same time. Even showing them in a particular order would become impractical after the first few years.
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