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Explore new places by following the music that you like into areas/sights that the DJ wanted to show you

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Apr 25, 2022
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Explore new places through music by following/listening to a DJ's playlist that is coupled to the map. Follow the mix to where the DJ wants you to go. If you diverge, the music becomes annoying.
  • A musical and geographical adventure in one.
  • A fun way to explore new places.
  • Feel the music and the person who prepared it for you by experiencing what they wanted you to see.
How it works
A GPS-enabled app coupled with an online map & street view. You put on your headphones and off you go. As you explore an area, different music comes on. A single song may cover up to a few minutes of walking (likely less) before it morphs into another. To make the transitions between songs as seamless as possible, the software takes care of them automatically.
If you stay still, the same song loops on repeat. As soon as you start moving, the playlist gets going.
Different people (let's call them DJs) overlay their favorite areas with their favorite songs. They can create stories (DJ mixes) aimed at making people feel great while exploring. They can use music to influence the direction an explorer takes.
Places you don't need to see
A person might enjoy a DJ's mix while following their ideal/envisioned path. As soon as they diverge into somewhere the DJ didn't want them to go, an annoying song comes on that makes people turn back and seek other routes forward. As long as they go where the DJ wanted them to go, the mix stays amazing.
Places you should see
A good DJ can map the entire city with different types of music for different areas. The music can take you to a chillout place, party place, gym, food, whatever can be indicated with music and progressively morphed into.
Picking the right kind of music for you
As you move around, you can opt to hear the music based on:
  • The most upvoted DJ that mapped the area you are in
  • Pick a specific DJ that mapped the area with his music
  • An AI-generated mix that takes into account all the DJs that mapped an area (you can manually exclude the sounds from malicious trolls and report them)
  • DJs within your preferred genre, and then further filter them by upvotes
  • Random (surprise me) DJs of different genres that are in the top X percentile by votes
  • What else?
A DJ can opt to actually physically overlay his tracks by moving around with a mobile DJ rig connected to the map app:

Creative contributions

Musical maze.

actingcat Apr 29, 2022
i can't help but think about: What if the Dj marks different parts of a street by some genre of music in which, you put on headphones and listen as you walk to a certain direction once you divert it transitions to another song if it doesn't fit your taste, you go back to where you diverted and follow another direction. If it fits it leads you to more diversions then to a space(the ultimatum) that has people who followed the same direction and different kinds of music and there you hangout with people you got the same taste of music as a form of entertainment..
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
A DJ could designate different city areas for different music tastes. The best part is that you can switch to a different DJ who overlaid the streets with a different logic.
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A musical guide tour that uses songs to dive into the history of a place

Michaela D
Michaela D Apr 25, 2022
Similar to your idea only that this feature is oriented to discovering and learning about a new place, and especially about its history.
It is more entertaining than just listening to an audio guide and information will stick more easily when coupled with a song.
How it works
The "musical guide tour" is mostly based on songs and it explains the choice of each song, thereby providing some info about the place. The extra information is only written, so someone could just skip it. Examples of songs:
  • songs about historical events (like wars, revolutions, historical figures)
  • local songs that were created at the same time period an area was built (or later versions of them)
  • songs of artists that lived or visited the area
Of course, there will be places where it will be hard to find specific songs. There, the musical guide tour would have to be creative and use other songs of a similar reference. If there is no local song of a specific era, a coeval song of a neighbouring, or somehow related country can be chosen. Modern, local songs (in modern neighbourhoods) will also be featured to give you an idea of the modern culture of a place.
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Explore new music by visiting the tagged geo-location

jnikola Apr 26, 2022
Imagine tagging a song to a certain park in your city and people visiting it just to hear the song. It could be a pop-up touristic attraction.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
This would be big If there was a way to prevent the song from being copied/shared elsewhere
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General comments

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
It would be cool if the app could display photos of the DJ in the same spot as where you are or other celebrities. Something that makes you connect with the person guiding you, making you feel like you're sharing that spot with them.
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