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Playlists turned into biographical records

Image credit: https://medium.com/@vitaliyrizhkov/why-we-capture-life-moments-through-photography-f5d15ac5e51e; https://i.etsystatic.com/11980730/r/il/4e4cc0/2351599401/il_794xN.2351599401_gbi8.jpg

Povilas S
Povilas S Jan 28, 2021
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General comments

Anja M
Anja M24 days ago
This is something I do with physical polaroid photos and small, trivial memorabilia I collect, regardless of the occasion. When I say "regardless", I mean that situation comes spontaneously and you decide to pin it down, with an object, photo, writing, separately or combined, although goes without saying combined makes for a more lively and enriching experience.
With a digital space tweaked to instigate such a personal memory lane, this can work in an even more agile and versatile manner. And although there are different kinds of users, and most of us can testify how we get all softy and nostalgic when even one "today a year ago" pops up, I think this sort of an app should be set more delicately to inspire our more active reminiscence and a general role in our memories or memories-to-be, opposite to what we have by just popping up on Facebook, Instagram, etc. This would e.g. include offering to make sub-lists of songs (e.g. "songs reminding me of rain/joy/high school") and commenting in a sentence sth about them. Also a tab to always write if something has changed a lot in a way you hear some song differently than what you have for most previous time. So, a lot of inspiring and aiding questions, based on a general study of what people usually concern with the most with such phenomena, and space for adding various other media connected to one song or other connections between them you make. The app should allow for both plain whole lists of everything inserted, but also many sub-classifications of your own desire. Like the layers Darko mentioned. Obviously, it should be for the widest audience, although with these settings another natural filter would occur, and that is that for diary-oriented people, or better said: people who find it particularly meaningful and enjoyable to collect and piece together these kinds of things. Those would spontaneously benefit the most from the app.
Povilas S
Povilas S23 days ago
Anja M Yes, that's true what you said about people who are into diary writing/memory collecting benefiting the most from such an app. That is because they already enjoy it and it wouldn't take them much additional effort. Those people could add elements to the designated sections in the app each day to make that day memorable.

But many people may not want to make that effort. For many people the "looking back" aspect would be the most relevant, I think. That is when you look back on a playlist (or any kind of collection of elements) that wasn't made deliberately for a memory storing purpose (an exception to this could be photos), but it does bring back memories anyway, it's like a side effect. Looking back on it after a while you may want to write something about that particular time you remember, or add some photos, to additionally supplement those memories. The nostalgia would motivate you to make that effort. But if you were to do it every day it would lose that emotional aspect (for many) and become just a job. While a playlist (for its own sake) you would continue to build more or less effortlessly.

And it's the same when it comes to adding more layers to the app, it's great on one hand, it gives more possibilities, but to use all that you need to be motivated or it becomes just an even bigger job. If it's simple enough, then it might be more appropriate for a larger audience.

Juran25 days ago
The idea is very cool and innovative, but what happens when you feel like listening to the same song again? Building the biographical playlist requires you to find the new "perfect sad song" every time you are sad. It seems a bit hard for everyday usage. The option to re-use the "old sad song" should be an option, but then it could easily happen that you have 50+ duplicates of the same sad song in 2020. That makes the playlist less descriptive since the same song is connected to many different physical and emotional states you found yourself in.
Darko Savic
Darko Savic25 days ago
Great idea. I imagine a life-logging app in the cloud which could take all sorts of multimedia:
- your music
- page snapshots of any links you feed it, like articles, news, blogs, social media stuff you liked, etc.
- your own voice notes
- your text notes
- shows and movies you liked
- photos with friends or stuff you snapped
- desires, goals, ideas

You would add new people/animals you met and how you felt about them. New places you saw, etc.

The life-logging app would have several layers. The bottom layer would be raw mixed content, then on a slightly higher level you would write summaries, generally describing collections in the bottom layer, then again on a higher level you would describe weeks, months, how you felt, what was important in that period, etc. You could rate the layers with emojis. When you zoom out you could get a general feel of how your life is going.

This would create something like a zoomable map, you could zoom into details or zoom out into periods.

Securing such data and making it private would be very difficult. Blockchain maybe.

What do you think?:)
Juran25 days ago
The "stories" on Instagram could serve this purpose easily. You can add music to any video or a photo, write text or simply some hashtags, save it on your profile for everyone or just have it in your stories archive.